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There are some designers whose signature style really stands out. Arne Jacobsen is one of these. A Danish architect who moved into design in the mid-20th century, the clean lines and simple yet bold styling made his furniture an instant hit. Influenced by the geometric symmetry of the Art Deco period, Arne Jacobsen drew on his skills as an architect to create sculptural furniture. Becoming known as the grandfather of the Danish Modern style, the collection from Jacobsen went on to inspire many others who followed in his footsteps. Here at Vinterior we’re huge fans of Arne Jacobsen’s vintage styling. Take a look in our marketplace and you’ll find a selection of both furniture and accessories, guaranteed to accent any home decor.

Arne Jacobsen furniture: take a seat

Arne Jacobsen designed a variety of furniture and accessories but it’s perhaps his chairs that are the most renowned. Styles like the Egg, Ant and Swan all became iconic within a short space of time, and became the design forerunners for many modern styles seen today.

The beauty of Arne Jacobsen chairs is that they work with a range of different decor styles, both vintage and contemporary. The clean and linear appearance was way ahead of his time and wouldn’t look out of place in a modern, minimalist apartment. Conversely, Arne Jacobsen furniture suits a vintage theme too, adding subtle sophistication without being too overwhelming.

The collection from Jacobsen included chairs for both the home and commercial settings. The Egg is the iconic easy chair with soft padding and comforting shape while the Ant is a simple stacking chair, which rocketed in popularity after it was first released.

This means that whether you want to incorporate the structural elegance of Jacobsen chairs into your lounge or into your dining room, there’s a variety of designs to suit your decor. If you want to extend the theme further, look out for Jacobsen sofas, which display the same angular features, coupled with soft and comfortable seating.

Arne Jacobsen furniture: more than just chairs

Although the name of Arne Jacobsen is most associated with innovative chairs, he also designed a wide range of other furniture and accessories. Take a look at our online marketplace and you’ll find a great selection.

From 1934 onwards, Arne Jacobsen collaborated with another top Danish furniture designer: Fritz Hansen. Working together, a collection was produced, all with the same iconic Jacobsen appearance. In particular a range of dining tables to complement the seating was created, similar in style to late Art Deco but with the focus on plain, block colours and striking simplicity.

For a dining room with a modern theme, Arne Jacobsen table and chairs work wonderfully creating a bold setting that is minimalist and clean. It works just as well in a vintage styled room with monochrome colours very reminiscent of mid-century style.

Jacobsen also worked for other brands, including notably Louis Poulsen, creating lighting which was atmospheric yet classic, sculpted from metal to produce a stunning effect.

Give your home the Arne Jacobsen touch

Arne Jacobsen furniture is effortlessly stylish and has a remarkable ability to complement both contemporary and retro-themed decor. With comfortable yet distinctive chairs, sofa and other seating, plus a string of accessories including cutlery and lighting, it’s never been easy to provide a touch of elegance in your home. Browse our online catalogue today and discover your perfect piece at a great price.