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Even if you aren’t an ardent follower of interior design, you’ll most likely have seen Arne Jacobsen inspired chairs without even realising it. His distinctive designs were truly unique, and it’s rare that any kind of furniture can truly be described as such. Despite offering a range of furniture and accessories, Arne Jacobsen eventually became most known for one particular product: chairs. Comfortable yet compelling to look at, Arne Jacobsen chairs represented the very best of his fabulous designs. Here at Vinterior we’re delighted to offer a selection of Arne Jacobsen chairs and furniture. An iconic designer who wasn’t afraid to break the mould, his creativity is still avant-garde today. Take a look at our online catalogue to see his style, and what chairs we have available.

A designer like no other

Arne Jacobsen was born in 1901 and grew up into adulthood just as the Art Deco movement was really gaining pace. With its clean, geometric lines and minimalist design, it’s fair to say that there’s a similarity between Jacobsen’s style and the Art Deco look.

Jacobsen himself was formerly an architect and this skill is clearly visible in his furniture. Often referred to as the “grandfather of modern Danish design” he fused naturalism and architectural functionality to create a whole new style that was unique to him.

At Vinterior we’re proud to offer a wide range of vintage and heritage furniture from across the eras but it’s fair to say that many designers since have been inspired by his creations. Even in modern furniture, there’s more than a hint of Jacobsen’s furniture which has remained highly sought after.

An introduction to Arne Jacobsen chairs

Scan through our online marketplace and you’ll instantly notice some of the unusual names for the vintage Arne Jacobsen designs. The “Egg’, “Swan” and “Ant” are some of his most popular examples. However, what is even stranger is that you’ll immediately see why the chairs have been given their names.

In the Egg, you’ll feel cocooned in a comfortable shell of a chair, while the Swan offers elegant wings that surround you in a curvy three-dimensional shape. The Ant? Step back and look at a row of Ant chairs all lined up and you’ll instantly think of an army of ants – minus their antennae.

What really stands out for Arne Jacobsen is that many of his designs were simple office chairs, designed to be stacked and used in large numbers. It almost seems unfeasible that a designer creating such basic chairs would receive such wide acclaim, but Jacobsen’s furniture became an instant hit – largely because his approach had never been taken before.

It may not be apparent now compared to modern seating, but many of the chairs relied on cutting edge concepts at the time, such as the absence of straight lines in the Swan. Jacobsen’s innate understanding of the human form, and the relationship with the architecture of furniture made his concepts nothing short of genius.

Why choose Arne Jacobsen chairs?

Arne Jacobsen’s died more than 40 years ago, yet the popularity of his furniture has never waned. The clean, simple lines still look contemporary today and glancing through our listings it seems impossible that these designs were conceived more than five decades ago.

Whether you’re looking for iconic office chairs that offer a pleasing aesthetic while still being comfortable, or you’re looking for a plush chair for the home, Vinterior can help. Our marketplace offers a great selection of Arne Jacobsen chairs, plus antique and vintage furniture in many other styles too.