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Finding the right lighting for your home really is an art form. We don’t appreciate how powerful lighting can be until we try something new and see just how much it transforms the way a setting looks and feels. Lights are an intrinsic part of great design, and therefore choosing the right lighting is a truly vital decision. There are so many lighting options to choose from, and so style represents this more than architectural lighting. By getting deep into the science behind light, architectural designs manage to use light in new and exciting ways. Discover an extensive collection of architectural lights right here at Vinterior and get inspired to transform your own home.

Why choose architectural lighting?

Architectural lighting design uses elements from many different artistic and scientific areas, including architecture, electrical engineering and interior design. It differs from other kinds of lighting design in that, whereas general lighting aims to help users see clearly and without discomfort, architectural lighting also aims to further the design of architecture and the experience of the space.

Architectural light design looks at many different elements, including the kind of activity the light will be used for, the amount of light required, the colour of the light, the distribution of the light and the overall effect of the light on both the user and the setting. By combining all these elements and thought processes, the school of architectural lighting manages to create some of the most dynamic and though provoking light fixtures of the last one hundred years.

Introducing architectural lighting into your home

As such a broad school of lighting, architectural designs can take many different forms. An industrial style spot floor lamp from the mid-century era offers a unique sense of glamour, making the perfect addition to any living room, reading nook or even an open plan kitchen. The use of materials like aluminium give these pieces a commercial flair which makes them feel like a productive inclusion in any home office. Similarly, sleek metallic table lamps have a similar spotlight effect, creating a dramatic glow for reading in the bedroom. Seek out celebrated designers like Peter Nelson for the best of these designs.

Architectural lights can also take the form of wall lights and hanging pendant lights, meaning they can be included even in rooms without much floor or surface space to spare. The unique creations of designers like RAAK offer a mixture of materials like silver and opal, as well as geometric forms which produce an instant statement piece. These kinds of mid-century designs are the ones which prove that lighting can be an standout design piece in its own right as well as a useful tool.

Architectural lighting: find everything your home desires at Vinterior

There is an impressive collection of architectural lighting just waiting to be discovered at Vinterior. Our collection boasts thousands of completely unique premium items, ranging across styles, functions and even eras. Our collection includes vintage, antique, retro, mid-century, upcycled and even contemporary furniture from more than one thousand trusted sellers, iconic brands and beloved designers, so there is sure to be something to light up your home design.

Discover just how exciting and eclectic the world of lighting can be by browsing the Vinterior collection of architectural lights today. You’re sure to get inspired, and you may even find the perfect addition to your interior design.

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