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At Vinterior we are proud to have attracted Britain’s most renowned and celebrated independent furniture dealers, craftsmen and boutiques to establish a safe and secure space to trade exquisite furniture online. Our furniture ranges from antiques to modern items, all equally compelling and full of character. Within our marketplace, you’ll find a selection of apothecary cabinets for sale. An apothecary cabinet can add history, charm and a rustic aesthetic to your home, making a statement in any social space and drawing admiration from your house guests. If you would like to see some of the apothecary cabinets currently selling on our marketplace, we encourage you to browse now at your leisure and take in their beauty.

Why choose apothecary cabinets?

Most apothecary cabinets are made from wood. Most commonly, furniture makers would use either pine, mahogany or oak to construct these large and elegant pieces. On some occasions, craftsmen may add steel framing to the cabinet for aesthetic purposes and to add stability and durability.

An apothecary cabinet can be left in its bare but finished state to show off the natural earthy materials and give a sense of history, character and rustic charm. Other apothecary cabinets may be given a lick of paint either in block colours or with splashes rather than brushstrokes in an attempt to add to the cabinet’s charm.

Despite an apothecary cabinet being a stand-out item of furniture that you and your guests can admire for hours, they are also incredibly functional. The sizes of the storage drawers can differ from piece to piece and designer to designer, but a common feature of an apothecary cabinet is the large number of drawers it possesses. This is in contrast to more traditional pieces such as a Welsh dresser. In contemporary usage, many people like to utilise the drawers of an apothecary cabinet to store and organise smaller items in the bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. An apothecary cabinet can also be incredibly handy in a home office, where paperwork needs to be ordered and segregated.

There are lots of reasons to choose an apothecary cabinet over a regular cabinet. Aside from the grand statement an apothecary cabinet can make to your guests, they also have an unmistakeable air of intrigue and mystery – even the name evokes a sense of magic and wonder. Don’t be surprised when guests start asking you for the backstory of your unique item of furniture.

Choosing an apothecary cabinet means you’ll also add a unique piece of furniture to your home. If your home is your castle, an apothecary cabinet is a fantastic way to individualise it. These pieces are unique because they’ve been handmade by skilled craftsmen and have been lovingly built away from a more modern production line.

There’s also an environmental benefit to choosing a vintage apothecary cabinet over a new unit from your local high street. Opting for such items is similar to recycling in that you reuse old materials and prevent them going to the landfill. At the same time, you don’t add to the demand for brand new cabinets that have a bigger carbon footprint to manufacture.

Apothecary cabinets: why shop with Vinterior?

If the idea of an apothecary cabinet in your home is getting you excited, visit our marketplace and explore the varied cabinets featured by our trusted sellers. With thousands of listings across many different eras and styles, you’ll undoubtedly find inspiration for your next interiors project.