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The perfect statement antique mirror is always a source of interest and conversation with visitors to your home. Mirrors are a versatile addition to home décor and investing in the right antique style mirror can transform a space from ordinary to amazing. Generally, an antique style mirror describes a piece inspired by popular designs of the past to create mirrors which offer a classic look recently made by artisan designers. Browse our online marketplace and view for yourself the various antique style mirrors that will bring your interior spaces to life and reflect high quality style throughout.

The charm of antique-style mirrors

Antique-style mirrors are influenced by designs from many different eras such as Rococo, Baroque and Neoclassical. This provides a variety of options when choosing an antique style mirror that will complement your own personal style and that of your home. There is an antique style mirror which will fit perfectly with just about any interior theme.

Antique-style mirrors influenced by the 18th and 17th century have design features intended to replicate some of the finest details and flourishes of original antiques Some commonly used enhancements include ball and chain designs, frame carvings or even gilded styles. These enhancements serve to make the mirror more attractive and reminiscent of the more popular design trends of the era.

The reflective coating on the back of the glass is what gives glass the reflective quality of a mirror. Mirrors originally were made using mercury to form the thin layer on the glass. Over the years, this coating went through the process of oxidation creating dark spots that can clearly be seen on the reflective surface of the mirror. The resultant ‘blotchy’ style spots give an ageing effect to the glass and have become a very popular trend in modern interior design to show “antiqued” style mirrors with imperfect glass surfaces.

Benefits of antique-style mirrors

Placing antique style mirrors in high-traffic areas of the home can be a great way of lightening up a space and brightening a room to create a sense of openness and airiness. Mirrors have been used for decades as a way to create the illusion of space and this is particularly true of smaller rooms such as guest bedrooms or a cosy lounge. Use of floor-length mirrors can add dimension to a room and make the ceiling feel higher while horizontal mirrors help to make a room feel more expansive. Vertical, full-height mirrors are particularly useful at the end of hallways, while horizontal mirrors tend to line the length of hallways, all to make best use of light and space.

Many ‘modern’ mirror styles have been heavily influenced by the popular designs of the past few centuries and the high street is heavily populated with similar styles. Here at Vinterior we don not believe in simply reproduction pieces but instead we prefer new, artisan pieces and limited edition works that more faithfully recreate antique styles – showing the same commitment to quality construction, quality materials and a premium end product.

Why shop for antique-style mirrors at Vinterior?

We have a rich collection of antique, vintage, retro and mid-century original pieces in addition to contemporary furniture styles here at Vinterior. Thanks to our national network of trusted sellers, shopping for heritage and characterful furniture and accessories has never been easier. Browse our listings today and find your inspiration.