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The design and style of a sofa is crucial in establishing the mood of a living room or lounge. As the largest item of furniture in most social spaces, the sofa is about more than simply accommodating a number of people; it’s about creating the right environment for relaxation. Quality and functionality must come together to create the perfect focal point for the ultimate in comfort and style. Many of the antique sofas we offer at Vinterior are from the Victorian and Edwardian era, a time when socializing in the home was becoming much more common in society – and not simply reserved for the gentry. The antique sofas hailing from these periods feature the kind of attractive design and elegant styles that not only make them eye-catching pieces of furniture but inform many of the designs you will see on the high street today. Browse the antique sofas we have to offer at Vinterior on our marketplace to discover for yourself how original designs can create unique additions to your interior style.

Why Choose Antique Sofas?

Whether you are looking for a true statement piece with knockout style or you want something that is a touch more understated, there are many antique sofas here at Vinterior to choose from – in both leather and fabric options.

The Chesterfield style is a great example of an antique sofa style. With the oldest examples up to 300 years old, the button-back chesterfield has a firm place in the history of the living room or lounge. The roll arms of this design are of the same height as the back of the sofa and the classic look and elegant design of this piece is famed for its elegance in any room or space.

If the chesterfield shape isn’t for you, how about a antique chaise longue. The back of the sofa usually tapers in size and it is much longer than the arms. The Edwardian design is more simplistic with clean lines and not overly ornate compared with the more elaborate and decorative Victorian styles. A Chaise longue is an attractive and welcoming piece of furniture which screams sophistication in any setting. Although from a practicality point of view, the Chaise is more of a decorative and statement piece than everyday sofa.

The wooden internal frames of an antique sofa are usually made from high quality, solid woods, including oak, walnut and mahogany. This helps in making the sofas durable and high quality and adds to the quality construction which has contributed to the long-lasting nature of antique pieces.

Why shop for antique sofas with Vinterior?

We have a wide variety of antique sofas that will complement the theme and décor of your living room, lounge or office space. The diversity of our collection allows you to choose the piece that best suits you and your personal taste to champion the unique in your home.

We offer one of the most eclectic collections of vintage, mid-century, upcycled, antique and retro furniture by collaborating with over one thousand independent boutiques and trusted sellers around the country.

You can also find new pieces of furniture at the Vinterior online marketplace. We don’t solely deal in furniture but consider the whole home when offering soft furnishings and decor including textiles such as rugs and cushions, lighting and home accessories such as wall arts, tableware, decorative objects and mirrors.

Take a tour of our listings today to find the pieces that will add a touch of individual and elegant style to your home.