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Pine wood has been a popular material with furniture designers for centuries. As one of the most commercially important tree species it is valued for its timber all over the world and widely used in high value carpentry and joinery. Antique pine furniture has been consistently in-demand for decades. Largely, this is due to the widely available styles of furniture with which pine is featured as the main material. From beds to wardrobes to tables and chairs, pine is a material you probably have featured throughout your home – even if it is hidden behind upholstery. Here at Vinterior we have a wide variety of antique pine furniture available to suit the personal style of individuals looking for something unique. Browse our marketplace and find the perfect piece of furniture that works for you.

Why choose antique pine furniture

Antique pine furniture is often functional given the strong and durable nature of the wood. Although pine furniture became mass-manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s, the over saturation of the market has not dampened demand for quality and original antique pieces.

During the mid–nineteenth century, populations began to concentrate in the urban cities as a result of industrialization all over Europe. As an easily accessible and abundant material, pine wood was used to meet the furniture needs of this growing economy. Furniture from this era follows the stylistic trends of the period but echoed the design of some of the more flamboyant pieces derived from prestigious materials, such as mahogany.

Given their availability and wide range of pieces for every part of the home, finding antique pine furniture to suit your interior décor theme is relatively straightforward. Every room within a home is a suitable candidate for antique pine furniture. The choices are endless; you can enrich your dining room with antique pine tables and chairs to give a welcoming vibe to your dining room. Antique pine chests are useful in any space for storage purposes. Overall, antiques manage to create a sense of cozy warmth and elegant style and incorporating antique pine furniture in your home décor will create a perfect ambience.

We champion the unique in furniture to source original pieces which make their mark on the personal homestyle of interiors enthusiasts seeking something different. Bypassing mass-produced high-street styles to offer original designs for individuals more concerned with their furniture making a statement.

Why shop for antique pine furniture at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we display thousands of furniture pieces handpicked from professional dealers and interior designers who have knowledge and understanding of every single piece. Working with over 1000 trusted furniture sellers enables us to offer genuine and quality furniture of character and style.

We sell new furniture, too

Vinterior also deals in new and refurbished furniture, crafted used creative designs with the aim of providing maximum comfort to suit the style of your home and bring something new and modern to your personal space.

You can add beauty, comfort and elegance to your home with the unique and original furniture pieces offered by Vinterior. Explore our marketplace to review the range of products on offer and find furniture that will bring your décor to life.