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If you are looking to spruce up your bedroom, or add a touch of heritage to a guest room, an antique French design is a sure-fire way to achieve it. Antique French wardrobes and armoires are elegant, refined, and, if they have been kept in good condition, very well-made and high in quality. Designed as a lighter and more practical alternative to earlier clothing storage, which mainly comprised of large and heavy chests, French wardrobes were an all-in-one solution for keeping fine clothes stored safely and without creases. The use of hooks, shelves and/or drawers, and a mirror also typically served to make dressing and organising one’s clothes and accessories easy. Today, French wardrobes and armoires are a fabulous addition to the modern home, providing not only a practical storage solution, but also a charming focal point for a bedroom, guest room or dressing room. Take a look at the beautiful collection of antique French wardrobes today at Vinterior.

The iconic wardrobe

Few pieces of furniture carry as much mystique and cultural significance as the iconic wardrobe. For hundreds of years, this item has been the staple of the European household, used for storing clothes, shoes and accessories and now adding a traditional sense of grandeur and history to a room.

There are many different styles of antique wardrobe – one of the most popular is the style which is considered classically French. The armoire style of wardrobe dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and features a symmetrical design with a curved, flowing top and matching doors, both of which open outwards from the centre. The drama of this wardrobe is undeniable, and yet it is spacious and practical for modern everyday use as well.

As with many antique French pieces, the antique French wardrobe will typically feature ornately carved details – either around the feet, the door handles or the keyholes. These little touches, often crafted from gilt bronze or brass, can add a uniqueness and character to the piece and make it much more than just storage.

Antique furniture for today

As is true of the majority of antiques, true Antique French wardrobes are handmade and therefore each has its own character and story. Handcrafting provides character and a unique charm, but is also makes for a more durable and long-lasting piece of furniture, especially compared to mass-produced modern products.

Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of antique furniture is the fact that it is utterly trend-proof, and works with almost all classic and contemporary styles of interior. Rather than having to stay up to date with the latest passing fashions and contemporary styles, choose a unique antique French wardrobe that has already stood the test of time. Beautiful, spacious and well-made, what more could you want from what is likely one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room?

Not only is the aesthetic value of antiques forever preserved, but they are also a financial investment. As long as you keep them in good condition, antiques will always retain their monetary value, so you can pass them down from generation to generation and know that their auction price can only go up.

If you’re re-doing a bedroom, replacing your previous wardrobe or you simply love antique furniture, have a browse of our rich collection of antique French wardrobes and find the perfect one for your home today.

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