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In an increasingly digital age, our love for antique and vintage analog clocks has taken on a new level of meaning. For hundreds of years, clockmakers were revered as some of the most skilled craftsmen of the time, capable of creating these essential home objects with supreme precision and with the added layer of beauty and intricacy. Traditional timepieces crafted in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries in France continue to be highly sought after. The quality of antique French clocks is such that many are still in perfect working order, and make a fabulous addition to both classic and contemporary interiors. Find a beautiful new addition to your home today by browsing our collection of antique French clocks, and find the perfect one to suit your own unique style, and that of your home.

A brief guide to antique French clocks

If you love French antiques and want to start building a collection in your home, a clock is the ideal place to start. From carriage clocks to long case clocks to mantle clocks, a stunning original antique French clock does much more than simply tell the time.

The carriage clock is the very essence of an antique piece of furniture: designed for portability so it could be used while travelling, the carriage clock features a classic design with a rectangular face and a handle so it can be carried around easily. The classic antique carriage clock can be seen most famously in the work of Henri Jacot, who created miniature clocks with gorgeous engraved brass casings, a porcelain face and a rounded handle. In the modern day, antique carriage clocks are a charming addition to a mantlepiece or bedside table.

The wall-hanging long case clock was created between the 17th and 18th Century and is the general name encompassing the classic grandfather clock design. These clocks are encased in an elegant, round-topped exterior, with a glass front and decorated with ornate carvings.

The mantle clock is perhaps the first type of clock which comes to mind when one thinks of French antiques. The elaborateness and exquisite attention to detail makes these clocks much more than a simple timepiece: they are ornamental and extravagant indicators of wealth, and are filled with a sense of beauty and decadence. The majority of original antique French clocks are crafted featuring rich ormolu – the style, seen in many French antiques, of heavily gilt bronze, creating a luxurious gold-toned finish, sometimes hand-painted or featuring elaborate ivory or mother-of-pearl inlays.

An antique French clock that has been well looked after is a must-have addition to the home for those who love antiques. Journey back to a time when clocks were not only valuable, but essential to everyday life, and the need for the clockwork to be pristine and kept in perfect working order was vital for life to run smoothly.

Today, collectors and interior design enthusiasts use antique French clocks alongside other antiques or simply as statement pieces amongst modern decor, to great effect. The timeless elegance and splendour of authentic antique clocks create a sense of history while still retaining their function; after all, we all need to know the time.

Find the perfect timepiece to complete your interior theme today at Vinterior. Browse our ever-growing collection of antique French clocks today and find the perfect piece for your mantlepiece, wall or bedside table.

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