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Few eras of furniture design are as sumptuous and refined as that of 17th and 18th Century France. Following the end of a period of turmoil, along with the crowning of Louis XIV, France had now risen to become one of the foremost powers (and therefore cultural influencers) in Europe. The furniture created at the time reflects this shift towards a period of creativity and indulgence: gilded bronze, exquisite textiles, fluid lines and exquisitely detailed motifs can be found on every inch of the furniture in the Palace of Versailles. Furniture-making was a highly regulated profession: to have to the right to produce and sell furniture, you had to belong to a guild – otherwise, you could be sentenced to jail or worse. Such is the beauty and quality of these pieces that furniture-makers today continue to mimic and find inspiration in pieces from this period of history, with many modern homes seeking to inject a touch of classic French elegance into their interiors. Get inspired by our range of French style pieces, and create your dream room in moments by browsing the collection today.

Defining features of antique French beds

There are many design features that define this period of French style furniture. The earliest pieces from Louis XIV’s rule feature exquisite detail, often painted in gold leaf and with a focus on grandeur and symmetry. Towards the end of his reign, the Regency era saw furnishings and other decorative arts evolve into a lighter, more elegant style, reflecting the leaning towards fantasy-inspired imagery and, from a practical perspective, lightweight pieces which could easily be moved around the room.

One of the most beautiful statement pieces that makes an impact today as much as any other time is an antique French bed, inspired by the classic design of royal beds such as those found in Versailles.

Traditional French bed features include elaborately carved and upholstered headboards, languid, flowing lines and carvings, often with characteristically rounded feet. From velvet-trimmed four-posters to painted wooden rattan beds, each and every antique French bed has a unique look that exudes luxury, comfort and elegance.

Why buy antique?

Antique and vintage-inspired furniture are often a more expensive option when you’re choosing how to furnish your home. However, interior designers continue to seek out heritage pieces to bring their themes together and create a space with authentic charm and character. So, what does antique and vintage furniture bring to an interior space that contemporary pieces don’t?

For one thing, heritage furniture is built better than most modern furniture. Designed to last, many original pieces from the 17th and 18th Centuries are still in top condition today. As well as its durability, an antique French bed is also a fabulous way to create a sense of history and character to a bedroom. Make your bed a real focal point by embracing authentic French style.

Add a touch of truly French elegance to your bedroom or guest room with a carved headboard complete with luxurious upholstered fabric, or bring a touch of antiquity to a shabby chic room with a painted oak French style piece.

Find antique French beds

Discover a treasure trove of beautiful antique French beds and add a touch of historical charm to your bedroom. The collection at Vinterior features a huge choice of styles, colours and sizes of bed to complement all types of space. Browse for your ideal French bed today.

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