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Few pieces of furniture are more beautiful and elegant than an antique dresser with a mirror. Whether you need a charming storage solution for your living space, are looking to brighten up a corridor or landing or want to inject a bit of gorgeous vintage character into your bedroom, an antique dresser with mirror combination is a fabulous piece for those who adore classic, characterful furniture. Discover an eclectic mix of beautiful antique dressers with mirrors on our online marketplace, and find inspiration to start creating the interior space you’ve always dreamed of.

Styles of antique dresser with mirror

If you love decadence and elegance in equal measure, discover a spectacular antique Victorian sideboard in luxurious polished mahogany with marble detail – a wonderful addition to a bedroom, guest room, dressing room or bathroom.  If you want something a little earthier, perhaps consider a beautifully carved and elegant Edwardian dresser with mirror in solid oak. If you’re craving something a little more recent and vintage, let us point you in the direction of a sleek Art Nouveau vanity cabinet with mirrored doors as well as a fixed mirror on top, crafted from beautiful walnut.

Whichever style tickles your fancy, there are few pieces that bring such elegance to an interior look as the antique dresser complete with a built-in mirror. Rather than following the crowd and purchasing a standard flat-pack piece for storing your goods and filling a gap along one wall in your home, why not consider opting for a truly beautiful and characterful antique dresser?

Choosing an antique dresser with mirror

You may always have considered antique pieces to be suited to the expansive rooms of a stately home or grand country residence. But the reality is that most homes can benefit from a touch of heritage style. Your interior design tastes don’t necessarily have to include Victorian or Edwardian style for you to showcase an antique piece. Rather you may quite easily elevate the look of your dining room or living room by adding an antique dresser. Not only do the solid wood dressers of centuries gone by add luxury, they can also be incredibly practical. With cavernous storage you will be able to fit as much crockery, glassware and tableware on the various shelves as you would with a contemporary piece. And, of course, the addition of a mirror only serves to add a sense of light and space to any room you choose to locate your dresser in.

The nostalgia and sense of a story that an antique piece brings to your home cannot be matched with a contemporary item. Where was the antique made and by whom? Who has owned it over the years, and what may have once been stored in the unit?

Antique furniture is also of a much higher quality than the majority of modern pieces. Built using premium materials using traditional techniques, antiques were built to last, so you can enjoy years of use and continued quality, without having to replace your furniture.

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Whatever the look or size of the antique dresser you are looking for, you can be confident that you are in the right place when you shop with Vinterior. With more than a thousand trusted sellers listing products on our online marketplace you won’t need to spend weeks or even months scouring markets and antique shops to find the perfect piece for your home. Browse our collection today.

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