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The dining table is the centrepiece of the home. Whether we dine, socialise or work from it – the dining table is the focus of family life in more ways than one. The perfectly balanced antique dining table can bring together your room décor in a way that makes a long-lasting impression on whoever visits your home. Here at Vinterior there is a piece of antique furniture to suit all popular décor themes. But nothing has quite the same impact as a stunning dining table with centuries of heritage behind it. Browse our online marketplace today for examples of some of the finest antique furniture in our collection.

Why choose antique dining tables

When furnishing your home there are many pieces of furniture that you can simply blend in with the décor. From side tables to shelves, console tables to foot stools, not everything in your house has to shout for attention.

The dining table, however, must always shine. Whether your main eating area is situated in an open plan kitchen and living space or given its own designated room, your table must catch the eye and draw people towards it. And what better way to do so than with an antique dining table that brings with it a great sense of heritage and identity.

With antique dining tables made from wood, marble, stone or metal – there is a table to suit your personal style in our range. We cover a wide selection of designers stretching from the early 20th century right back to the ornate and grand styles of the French renaissance. As a large piece of furniture, the dining table can be a long-term investment and should continue to serve your family for as long as you all care to sit together.

Antique dining tables for every style

No matter what size, shape or style of antique dining table you want, you are sure to find it here at Vinterior. If a rustic farmhouse finish is what you want to achieve, look to our antique country oak refectory tables dating back to the reign of Charles II; or if your preference is for something a little more continental, we also often feature long French country farmhouse tables of 2 metres and more.

Looking to fill your space with a round or oval table for a more inclusive type of dining? How about a Victorian oval dining table with in Mahogany? For an extra touch of elegance and intricate detail, look out for options with Rococo legs and castors.

If your home is crying out for an antique addition but you don’t feel you have the space to dedicate to a large antique dining table all the time, look no further than a drop-leaf Georgian mahogany table for incredible conveniences and flexibility.

Shop for antique dining tables with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we work only with trusted suppliers and partners to source the finest antique and vintage furniture. Our passion is to ensure our customers have access to some of the finest heritage furniture available so that they can create interior designs that truly make them feel at home.

If antique dining tables aren’t your thing, why not shop for our collections of vintage, retro, contemporary, upcycled and bespoke furniture solutions? Browse our marketplace to discover pieces new and old that perfectly match your style.