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An antique chest of drawers sits firmly within the functional category of antiques and has over the centuries evolved to cover a range of styles all with one main design elements in common – drawers. Compact, mid-size or high, the chest of drawers has undergone many style progressions over the decades and centuries but it has never wavered as an essential part of bedroom furniture. While you may not think of your chest of drawers as being all that important to the overall aesthetic of your home, the fact is that such a sizeable item should always be considered as an integral part of a room’s design – whether it’s in your bedroom or home office. Browse our range of antique chest of drawers here at Vinterior and see what a stunning heritage piece of furniture can do for your décor.

Why Choose an Antique Chest of Drawers

At Vinterior we have a broad collection of antique chest of drawers to inspire the look of your bedroom. An antique chest of drawers is predominately made of wood and will be strong and durable in the face of repeated use. Whereas mid-century pieces veered towards the simple and clean aesthetic of the era, earlier chest of drawers were much more ornate in design.

The difference in drawer linings can often tell us a great deal regarding the year in which the pieces were created. If the bottom board has grains that run from front to back then that drawer was most likely made in the 18th century while ones that run from side to side represent a construction of the 17th century.

Handles remain one of the main parts of the chest of drawers where statement design elements could be added. Shape, material, colour, size – the handles are the part of the drawers seen first and most likely the part to remember. They were generally designed according to prevailing trends to ensure the drawers reflected the fashions of the era. Not all antique chest of drawers will feature the original handles. Repurposed or restored pieces may require some updating where the handles are concerned and if there are unused holes beneath the handle this does sometimes imply that the handle has been changed.

Adding an antique chest of drawers in your bedroom can change the entire outlook of the room. While the different drawers can be used for functional purposes such as storing your valuables and clothing, placing a bedside lamp and a flower vase on the top surface of the drawers can add a touch of glam to your bedroom to create the illusion of a bigger space.

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At Vinterior, we offer thousands of antique furniture pieces we have collected from trusted sellers up and down the country. With a huge national network of boutiques, antique dealers businesses and furniture sellers all featuring on our site there is nowhere better to source that perfect chest of drawers to finish off your bedroom or perhaps living room space.

Browse our marketplace to review our range of available pieces and check the varied and eclectic items listed for sale. If you can’t find an antique chest of drawers that’s right for you, why not explore our vintage, retro and bespoke options for inspiration?