Antique Cast Iron Garden Furniture

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The heavy duty, industrial style of cast iron is a look that has remained popular through the ages. Cast iron is a ferrous metal that can last for decades and its strength and weight lends itself to furniture pieces which can be both soft in design but durable in nature. Made from iron, silicon and carbon, with traces of manganese, sulphur and phosphorus, this metal can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and makes a perfect material for outdoor pieces designed to withstand the elements. Cast iron furniture can bring a touch of class and luxury to any outdoor space, so if you want your garden to look that little bit special, you’ve come to the right place. Browse Vinterior to search for different styles of antique cast iron garden furniture available through our online marketplace.

Why choose antique cast iron garden furniture?

Though the origin of cast iron lies in China, it gained popularity in Europe during the 17th century. One of the reasons for this explosion in popularity was ease of access and affordability. Cast iron is a strong and durable material that can withstand any pressure and was a popular material consequently in the construction industry. The furniture industry took interest too and designers competed with one another to come up with different styles and furniture designs that made use of the popular material.

Antique cast iron furniture comes in different styles. A key difference is the versatility of the designs and shapes available. Cast iron is very easy to fashion into whatever shape you want and designers took advantage of this to make furniture with relatively intricate metalwork designs.

Antique furniture brings so much more to your home when compared to the contemporary furniture of today. Our love for antique styles has never diminished and cast iron garden furniture is the perfect example of how older designs can bring class and unique style to your outdoor space. The often charming designs come in different styles and shapes. The colours too show character and can reference eras and blend in with different interior themes with ease.

Shop for antique cast iron garden furniture with Vinterior

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Discover a treasure trove of beautiful cast iron antique garden furniture and add a touch of historical charm to your outdoors. The collection at Vinterior features a huge choice of designs of antique furniture to complement all types of space and help champion the unique to make your outdoor space as individual as your style.