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The humble bookcase is having a major renaissance at present. As one of the best ways to store not just books but also decorative items to really enhance your living space, a bookcase has become the go-to unit to bring the trend for ‘shelfies’ into your home. At Vinterior, you can always find the key piece of antique furniture that you are looking for and we champion the unique to ensure our customers have access to chic and elegant furniture from across the ages. Browse our collection of antique bookcases and find inspiration for your next interior design project now.

Why choose antique bookcases?

Many people strive to have at least one or two pieces of antique furniture for their space. Given the unique nature of antiques, they are the perfect way to create the unique home we strive for when choosing our décor. And a great way to instantly add a little bit of heritage class is through an antique bookcase – accompanied by some classic works of literature, of course.

Antique bookcases can be fancy and elegant but also very simple and aesthetically pleasing. When you consider buying a bookcase, there are a couple of questions you will need to ask yourself. For instance, what style are you going for? Do you require any kind of specific functionality or just a piece of decorative furniture? And key to everything, what other types of furniture do you have in the room? Having these kinds of questions in mind can help you set the tone for the search you will conduct when looking for your ideal bookcase.

Having an idea of what is in style at the moment will get you moving in the right direction. Do you want a gorgeous Victorian oak bookcase that will make a statement in your living room, or perhaps a Georgian mahogany bookcase and bureau for the study.

A common mistake people make is to feel they need to have one style of furniture throughout their space. While it is undeniably true that furniture needs to blend in and work with each other in a space, it does not have to be the same type of style or even colour. Finding different pieces of furniture, from different eras and with unique patterns that go well together is the perfect way to create texture and character in a room without a uniform feel.

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An elegant bookcase can set the tone of any room and spice up its decor style. Trends can change on a daily basis and it is important to keep yourself in the loop with what's in and what's not. With the right guidance and strong sense of personal style, choosing furniture to match your décor theme should, in theory, be straightforward. However, with so much choice in the antique and retro market, choosing the right piece can be a challenge in itself.

At Vinterior, we feature a wide range of products to help you find whatever you need to make your home a truly individual place. Whether you love antique, vintage or more contemporary pieces, take the time to explore our online marketplace and you will find listings from more than 1000 sellers from across the country. Find your inspiration today.