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An absolute essential for any stylish bedroom, boudoir or dressing room, a vanity table does not need to only be a practical piece for holding your mirror and storing your cosmetics but can also be a beautifully decorative piece. You can discover many fine examples of antique and vintage vanity tables here at Vinterior, and gain inspiration that will help you bring glamour and chic to your boudoir.

The benefits of an antique or vintage vanity table?

If you are keen to bring unique character to your bedroom or dressing room, an antique or vintage vanity table could be the perfect choice. Considerably more robust and sturdy than any modern replica or contemporary piece, genuine pieces also bring their own authentic personality into your room.

Whether you are inspired by the retro look and want to recreate a classic boudoir or whether you long to relive the days of the Hollywood golden age of glamour, a vintage or antique vanity table will create a true focal point in any bedroom.

After the bed, vanity tables are the most distinctive pieces of furniture in any bedroom. They also have a particularly fascinating heritage that lies behind their use. The very earliest vanities were created before the 17th century as little more than ornate boxes, designed for holding beautiful paraphernalia. However, in the form that we know it today, the vanity table emerged in Europe during the late 1600s.

It was at this time that demand grew for ways to display luxury items, and specialist furniture began to be produced for this purpose for different rooms of the home. The low boy, for example, began to be manufactured to fulfil the same function in living and dining areas. In the bedroom, however, the dressing table or vanity table became extremely popular.

By the time the 19th century came around, a range of styles were in evidence, from the Elizabethan and Gothic to the Renaissance and Rococo, and by the turn of the 20th century, vanity tables were most frequently designed to match other bedroom pieces as part of a suite.

Vanity tables: choosing your style

Although vanity tables vary in their shape, style, colour and size, they are still usually distinctive enough to be instantly recognised for their true purpose. Often featuring a mirror, which may be folding depending on the design, vanity tables frequently feature many small drawers for holding cosmetic items and jewellery as well as sufficient leg space so that the user can easily sit in front of the mirror to apply make-up.

The width, style, height and colour of vanity tables vary between pieces, but all are useful and stylish additions to the bedroom or dressing room environment.

Shop for vanity tables with Vinterior

A vanity table is an essential addition to any bedroom or dressing room. Not only will you find it a useful storage space for clothing, cosmetics and a host of other essentials, but you will also find that its dramatic style adds something truly special to your home. Here at Vinterior we have an amazing selection of beautiful antique and vintage vanity tables to suit all tastes and preferences. From19th century antiques to Art Deco pieces to contemporary versions, you are sure to find the inspiration you’ve been seeking for your home décor.

Browse Vinterior today and discover a wealth of stunning vintage and antique pieces that will impress and inspire. Or if you want something truly unique, take a look at our upcycled, salvaged and artisan-made vanity tables.

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