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An animal hide rug can be striking statement in any home. Having lost their appeal in recent years, they are making a resurgence as focal, conversation points – and you can rest assured that a high-quality animal hide rug will be exactly that! They certainly aren’t for everyone; but if you are a fan of animal hides then there is no better way to furnish your room than to choose a vintage piece from a reputable seller. Browse the Vinterior collection today.

What are animal hide rugs?

Animal rugs can range from the conventional, undyed and untreated hides, right through to those that have been made use of modern fabric technology – it’s not unheard of to find rugs that glow in the dark, or sparkle! Some rugs from plainer animals may have patterns and pictures embossed or painted on them to give dramatic effect. In fact, there is nothing stopping the brave purchaser doing this themselves!

Some of the more common rugs you can find here at Vinterior include the skin of animals such as goats, cows, deer and lamb – the underfoot feel of a sheepskin rug is like no other! Rarer designs will feature animals from more exotic places, such as zebras and leopards. They hark back to a time of jungle explorers and authors such as Hemingway and Conrad, a time of ‘Boys Own’ tales and African safaris.

From the zebra patterns of black-and-white stripes through to the contrasting black and orange of tiger stripes, you can guarantee that the look, feel and statement that you make with these animal hide rugs will catch the attention of your guests!

Choosing animal skin rugs

There is a rug for every room of the house, from the largest to the smallest. All shapes and sizes, colours and hues to match your current designs or to deliberately set against the wider theme. A Moroccan-themed room with a goat rug? An African-themed room with a lion rug? Or a child’s bedroom with a warm sheepskin rug beside the bed, the first thing they feel underfoot in the morning when they get up.

The rugs can be grand statements in hallways – elongated to draw the visitor in to the home. They can set off a mirror, a chest of drawers, a painting or another item perhaps? A piece of art which is complemented by the textures and colours of the exotic floor covering you have chosen.

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