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Alongside colour, layout and furniture, lighting is one of the most important aspects you’ll need to consider when it comes to interior design. The right lighting doesn’t just provide a practical purpose, but should also stand out as a beautiful piece of design in its own right. However, this doesn’t mean you need to opt for the grandest or largest lights available in order to make a statement. Wall lights can be a great way to bring style to a room, without sacrificing floorspace. This is especially true when you choose stunning wall light designs from a celebrated brand such as Anglepoise. Discover an extensive collection of Anglepoise wall lights right here at Vinterior and light up your home.

Why choose Anglepoise wall lights?

Anglepoise lights began as the brainchild of George Carwardine, who got the idea for the lamp’s moveable structure from his work as a car designer. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, the Anglepoise lamp rapidly gained popularity, and the brand soon found itself branching out from desk lamps into floor lamps and wall lights, too.

These designs took the country by storm thanks to their harmonious blend of style and practicality. Anglepoise lights are designed to bend to the will of the user, with impressive flexibility. This is a rare quality, particularly in wall lights, making Anglepoise wall lights a unique home addition as well as a smart, stylish one.

Introducing an Anglepoise wall light into your home

Because of their sleek nature, wall lights can fit comfortably into any interior setting, no matter how small. Whether it’s a lavish dining room or a small cloakroom, Anglepoise wall lights can be a fantastic addition. These rare finds are characterised by their trademark Anglepoise design, including their domed lampshade, metallic moving parts and chic industrial feel.

Anglepoise wall lights are particularly well suited to the kitchen, where their powerful glow can illuminate your work surfaces. But not only are these wall lights practical, their iconic design is instantly recognisable.

Why shop for Anglepoise wall lights at Vinterior?

Anglepoise wall lights are just on example of the unique and luxury furniture you can find at Vinterior. No longer is it necessary to traipse around a market or second-hand shop in the hope of stumbling across a fantastically individual and characterful home addition, because now you can explore our extensive marketplace to your heart’s content from the comfort of your own home.

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There is nowhere else to find such an extensive collection of furniture items all in one place. Every item you’ll find at Vinterior has been carefully chosen for our listings due to its character, charm and backstory.

We sell new, too

You’ll find plenty of vintage, mid-century and retro pieces like Anglepoise wall lights at Vinterior. You’ll even find antiques and upcycled pieces, too, as well as a wide selection of contemporary furniture pieces. We love new furniture just as much as old, which is why many contemporary designers can be found among our listings, boasting the same quality craftsmanship as the finest vintage items.

Ready to fill your home with great wall lighting? Then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re shopping to buy or simply seeking some inspiration, see just how versatile and unique Anglepoise wall lights can be by exploring the Vinterior collection today.

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