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When it comes to interior design, quite a few of us are guilty of seeing lighting as a purely practical addition. We assume it’s there to light up the room and nothing more, but this is not the case. By broadening your horizons when it comes to light fixtures, you’ll soon realise just how influential your lights can be in determining the ambience and mood of your home. That’s not all, however. Light fixtures and lamps can also be stunning design features in their own right, especially when it comes to floor lamps. These standout pieces of furniture bring a lot to their setting, so investing in pieces from celebrated designers such as Anglepoise is a great way of ensuring you fill your home with quality. Explore a fantastic collection of original and upcycled Anglepoise floor lamps right here at Vinterior.

Why choose an Anglepoise floor lamp?

Anglepoise lamps are instantly recognisable, having garnered a reputation as one of the most iconic and widely celebrated pieces of 20th furniture design. However, this mammoth of the lighting industry had quite humble beginnings. It was only when then-car manufacturer and freelance design consultant George Carwardine became inspired by his studies of vehicle suspension that he first had the idea for the lamp’s unique design.

Then, in 1934, Carwardine entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons and a year later in 1935 released the 1227 Anglepoise. This simple yet genius design used springs and joints to offer maximum movement and flexibility, while remaining sturdy. It was a huge hit and was widely used even during World War II.

As a brand, Anglepoise branched out from their signature table lamps and upped the scale. Their floor lamps use the same functional design features which are quintessential of the brand, providing homes with an eye-catching and practical statement piece.

An Anglepoise floor lamp uses the design of a medical trolley lamp, meaning it has a bigger shade, promotes maximum flexibility and uses a range of metallic materials. These include copper, brass, steel detailing and a heavy cast iron base. The bell-shaped shade and slim silhouette ensure that the floor lamps are recognisably Anglepoise, offering all the same benefits on a bigger scale.

This signature design fits perfectly into a variety of settings, from an urban apartment to a luxurious family home. An Anglepoise floor lamp makes a great addition to a living room, providing plenty of light over a favourite reading nook. It can also stand beautifully besides a dressing table in the bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have your own home office, a floor lamp from Anglepoise can make for a striking addition to the space when standing next to your desk.

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