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More and more of us are finding ourselves working remotely. Thanks to a rise in communication tech, it’s easier than ever to work productively and efficiently from the comfort of your own home office. But of course, in order to work from home as proficiently as possible, you need to create the optimum workspace. Discover a wide selection of original Anglepoise desk lamps right here at Vinterior, and light up your home décor.

Why choose Anglepoise desk lamps?

Lighting is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when furnishing your home desk. Desk lamps are a practical office addition that can also be stylish, especially when you select options from celebrated designers such as Anglepoise.

Boasting one of the most iconic designs in 20th century lighting, the Anglepoise desk lamp has a charming story behind it. George Carwardine was a car designer and a freelance design consultant specialising in vehicle suspension when he first came up with the idea of the Anglepoise lamp. Using vehicle suspension as his inspiration, George created a mechanism which he then put to use in lighting. This is where the Anglepoise design gets its signature flexible joint and spring tension structure, allowing it to be moved into a wide range of positions without being clamped.

Today, it’s difficult to comprehend how revolutionary this was. Before the Anglepoise, lamps could not be moved or altered. They did not possess the flexible forms which are common today, and the only way they could be held at an angle was with a clamp. The Anglepoise changed this forever, and as such the Anglepoise desk lamp is a prime piece of inspiration, showcasing how one great idea – and a dose of determination – can create amazing things.

Introducing an Anglepoise desk lamp into your home

Soon after George Carwardine entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons in 1934, Anglepoise released the now world-famous 1227 Anglepoise. This iconic desk lamp design contains all the features which make Anglepoise desk lamps so celebrated, such as the placement of base springs, its slim silhouette and of course the bell-shaped shade. You’ll find several 1227 Anglepoise lamps within the Vinterior collection, many of which have been updated with stunning contemporary features and amenities.

These designs make the perfect addition to any desk surface. In fact, that’s what they were designed for. These are lamps for getting things done, providing the flexibility and practicality you need to be productive, while also acting as a stunningly chic and recognisable design feature. Anglepoise desk lamps were described as the ‘ultimate blackout lamp’ during the Second World War, so you know you’re choosing a durable piece of history for your home, as well as a designer one.

Why shop at Vinterior for Anglepoise desk lamps?

Collectable items like Anglepoise lamps can be difficult to come across in good working condition if you’re relying on your local market to deliver the goods. Thankfully, Vinterior is the largest online marketplace for premium unique furniture, allowing you to explore thousands of characterful pieces – including desk lamps from Anglepoise – from the comfort of your own home.

We celebrate both the old and the new at Vinterior, which is why our collection includes everything from vintage and antique pieces to upcycled and contemporary furniture. So whatever your home needs, you’ll find it at Vinterior.

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