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There are few pieces of lighting more iconic than the Anglepoise lamp. Its historic form has enamoured people since the early 20th century, mixing all the finest elements of industrial, contemporary and abstract design to create something that is effortlessly fashionable and always functional. Discover the fascinating story of Anglepoise, as well as the brand’s stunning creations, right here in the Vinterior collection.

Why choose Anglepoise lamps?

Bringing the right light into your home in an important step in interior design, allowing you to create a specific ambience depending on the lighting you choose. An Anglepoise lamp offers a soft but focused glow that instantly brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere to an interior setting.

The iconic balanced-arm lamp was created in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine. Originally a car manufacturer, Carwardine came up with the idea for the famous lamp when developing new concepts for vehicle suspensions. The joints and spring tension he used in the lamp are indicative of his mechanical background, and reflected a desire to create a functional piece of lighting which can be moved into a wide variety of positions without being clamped.

In 1934, Carwardine entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons, who helped to expand the range into a huge collection of lighting and lamps. This included the release of the iconic 1227 Anglepoise lamps in 1935. This is the sleek, functional lamp which springs to most people’s minds when they think of the brand, and this model was even named the ‘ideal blackout lamp’ during World War Two.

Focus with an Anglepoise desk lamp

A key feature of the Anglepoise design is the way all the springs are placed near the base, giving it its signature flexibility. This allows the lamp to be held stationary at a certain point in space, creating arguably the most functional lamp for working, reading and typing. As such, an Anglepoise desk lamp is always a smart home addition. The sleek design is evocative of classic office designs and industrial settings, while the high level of functionality allows the lamp to be used in a variety of different ways, boosting the productivity of the user.

The effortless elegance of Anglepoise floor lamps

Anglepoise floor lamps contain the same industrial flair and high functionality which makes the brand’s designs so iconic. The bell shade is also still present, as is the use of copper, brass, steel and heavy cast iron. These metallic details present a nice touch, harking all the way back to Carwardine’s origins as a mechanic. Medical trolley lamps mix industrial elements with homely charm, making an Anglepoise floor lamp the perfect addition to a living room, bedroom or even a reading nook.

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