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Angelo Mangiarotti’s signature sleek, minimalist architecture filtered into his illustrious furniture designs and have truly stood the test of time. An award-winning designer, Mangiarotti’s unique style was a defining moment for Italian decorative arts in the 20th century. Angelo Mangiarotti tables are characterised by their bold shapes, high quality materials and the fact that they are built from a deep understanding of engineering. Stylish, original and yet utterly practical and durable, Mangiarotti furniture continues to bring a touch of glamour and gravitas to both classic and contemporary interior looks. Browse the collection of original Angelo Mangiarotti tables at Vinterior today, and find the perfect one to complete your home, whatever your individual style.

The timeless elegance of Mangiarotti tables

Angelo Mangiarotti is regarded by many to be one of the finest designers and architects of the 20th Century. Born in Milan, his unique ability to place function and usability for the consumer at the forefront of his designs has given his work continued relevance. Original Mangiarotti pieces from the mid to late 20th century look as sleek and flawless today as when they were first built.

Whether you’re looking for a console table, side table, dining table or coffee table, few styles of furniture are as distinctive and timeless as Mangiarotti’s. The deep understanding of how to design and create structurally sound building filtered into the quality of each and every Mangiarotti item, and influenced his choice of materials, too.

Angelo Mangiarotti tables are typically built with a distinctive conical-shaped stand and a circular or oblong top. Sturdy yet elegant, each piece is designed to not only bring a touch of vintage sophistication to your space, but also to be a practical and functional addition to the home. Place a Mangiarotti coffee table as a centrepiece in your living space; add a sleek Mangiarotti console to bring a touch of drama to your hallway or study; or freshen up your dining area with a gorgeous solid marble Mangiarotti dining table.

The curved lines and polished surfaces of Mangiarotti furniture adds a truly beautiful finish to any type of interior, and the simplicity of the shapes adapted by the designer mean that each piece is bold yet refined. Whether you’re re-decorating a heritage home or looking for quality vintage furnishings to complement a modern apartment, Mangiarotti is certainly a designer to look out for if you love elegant furniture with real functionality.

Angelo Mangiarotti tables: shop with Vinterior

Vintage and retro pieces are a fantastic way to instantly bring class and character to your interior space. Each and every item of vintage furniture tells a unique story, and creates an exciting focal point for your home. It can also be a great conversation starter when you are entertaining guests.

Furthermore, a beautiful vintage item, like those designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, gives you much more than a practical piece of furniture. The quality and craftsmanship, as well as the durability of the materials used mean that each piece is designed to last for years, and even be handed down as an heirloom from generation to generation.

Want a home that reflects your unique personality? Vintage furniture and decorations are a wonderful way to bring your own character and taste to a living environment. Rather than buying generic, mass-produced modern furniture, discover a hidden gem at Vinterior – your number one destination for beautiful and unique vintage, retro, antique and upcycled furniture.