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Angelo Mangiarotti is perhaps best known for his work for furniture brand Knoll during the mid-20th century. At a time when functionality and understated sophistication were held in high esteem, Angelo Mangiarotti had a particular eye for making high quality and desirable pieces that quietly made the home a better and more pleasant place to be. Browse our collection of Angelo Mangiarotti furniture here at Vinterior today and find the perfect piece for your home.

Angelo Mangiarotti furniture: a bit about the designer

Mangiarotti studied in Italy at the Politecnico di Milano up until 1948 before he made the move to the US and became a visiting lecturer in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was around this time that he established a practice with fellow designer Bruno Morassutt – a partnership that would prove to be successful over the years that followed.

Not only was Angelo Mangiarotti a talented furniture designer, he was also an architect, urban planner and industrial designer, which perhaps gave him an appreciation of the bigger picture and provided a fresh perspective on how humans interact with the world. Intriguingly, the breadth of Mangiarotti’s work could see him simultaneously working on everything from a table lamp to a town or a vase to an industrial building.

As his reputation grew, Mangiarotti was commissioned by Knoll to design a new collection of ashtrays and bowls for them. Not content with following a simple brief, the designer looked to his Italian heritage and brought in specific Italian marbles to create a rich grain, deep texture and colours to his pieces. It is this focus on quality, innovation and finer detail that makes Mangiarotti’s furniture designs so compelling to vintage lovers of today.

Why choose Angelo Mangiarotti furniture?

For those who prefer the minimalist approach to their home and don’t want the ornate grandeur of 18th or 19th century design to overload their home, choosing statement pieces by Angelo Mangiarotti is a great starting point.

Among Mangiarotti’s most distinctive designs are his tables: from coffee tables to consoles, these pieces are some of the most wonderful examples of the period’s style. Typically designed with conical bases and a large statement top, and crafted from high quality materials like polished Carrara marble, discover a selection of Angelo Mangiarotti coffee tables to bring a touch of timeless luxury to an interior.

Whether you wish to create a relaxed, minimalist living space or you want a subtle piece of furniture to line a hallway or landing, Mangiarotti coffee tables are very versatile pieces.

Shop for Angelo Mangiarotti furniture with Vinterior

There are few periods in recent history that are more sought after today than the mid-century modernist look. Although many people hanker after the iconic Danish designs of the 1950s and 60s, you would do well to look to Angelo Mangiarotti’s furniture to find a different source of inspiration for your home.

Thanks to our large network of sellers from around the UK, we are proud to have the largest selection of heritage furniture here at Vinterior. So, you won’t find anywhere better to source your vintage pieces from. Browse our extensive range now and find inspiration for your next interior design project.