Angelo Mangiarotti Coffee Tables

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For those who love a touch of minimalism and 20th century vintage in their homes, Angelo Mangiarotti is one of the best designers for the job. An architect and engineer, few designers understood as well as he the subtle art of creating items that are as well-made and functional as they are stunning to look at. One of the most distinctive types of furniture created by Mangiarotti is the table: from coffee tables to consoles, these pieces are some of the most wonderful examples of the period’s style. Typically designed with conical bases and a large statement top, and crafted from high quality materials like polished Carrara marble, discover a selection of Angelo Mangiarotti coffee tables to bring a touch of timeless luxury to an interior. Browse our collection of authentic Angelo Mangiarotti furniture, to start freshening up your home style today.

Why choose Angelo Mangiarotti coffee tables?

Considered an Italian national treasure, Milan-born Angelo Mangiarotti was a highly influential industrial designer of the 20th Century, creating some of the period’s most recognisable buildings and structures in his own inimitable style. His work as an architect shaped the way he designed furniture: the result is wonderfully unique pieces that are built to stand the test of time.

Mangiarotti coffee tables are a gorgeous addition to any home or interior space, whether they are placed in a casual living area, used as a decorative piece for a hallway, or added to a bedroom to make a wonderful display table for plants or ornaments.

Find a beautiful Carrara marble coffee table with classic conical-shaped bases: a timeless piece in perfect condition. Typically, Mangiarotti tables were crafted in this style and using these types of classic yet highly practical materials. Easy to clean and maintain, as well as being exceedingly durable and long-lasting, Mangiarotti coffee tables are incredibly desirable items that can bring life to all kinds of interior looks.

Angelo Mangiarotti: why shop with Vinterior?

Vintage furniture is almost always made with more care, and designed to withstand years of use and enjoyment, rather than be disposed of in a few years like a lot of modern furniture found in your local high street shop. Durable and stylish, vintage furniture has already proved its longevity and makes for a great addition to the family home, or your first apartment, and it is an investment for the future.

Many Angelo Mangiarotti coffee tables were made in the mid to late 20th century, and the craftsmanship is such that it is is easy today to find one in near perfect condition. This was Mangiarotti’s intention: to create stylish products with the practical needs of the consumer at the forefront of each design. Experience this landmark Italian designer’s products for yourself by shopping for a vintage Mangiarotti piece today.

Buying vintage furniture, like these Angelo Mangiarotti coffee tables, is as much about the shopping experience as it is about finding wonderful products. The beauty of vintage shopping is that you never know quite what you’re going to find.

Get inspired by pieces that bring character to even the most minimalist contemporary space, learn about stories from the pages of history and discover hidden gems from a treasure trove of unique wonders. With a range that is always growing and changing, the collection of antique, vintage, retro and upcycled furniture waiting for you at Vinterior should not be missed.