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McIntosh is one of the key names in mid-century furniture design and is a prolific Scottish manufacturer known for leading on style and sophistication during the era. From sideboards, cupboards and tables to entire bedroom suites, A H McIntosh forged a strong and lasting legacy on the world furniture stage. A H McIntosh’s style fuses together both British and European styles, creating a distinctly unique aesthetic that is clean but harmonious and practical. McIntosh pieces perfectly suit modern as well as retro homes that can blend together a variety of eclectic styles. They are superbly constructed and are universally recognised, alongside the likes of G-Plan, as one of the industry leaders in mid-century furniture design. At Vinterior we stock a range of A H McIntosh furniture to create a statement or bring a practicality that fulfils home storage requirements with distinction.

A modern classic

Today, McIntosh pieces offer homeowners a seamless way to blend vintage furniture into the modern home. This is largely owing to their bright and glossy appearance to straddle the boundaries between usability and design.

This encapsulates what McIntosh was originally known for in the 1860s. The company was founded in 1869 by Alexander Henry McIntosh in Kirkcaldy, a small Scottish town in the region of Fife. At that time, McIntosh became popular thanks to the brand’s high quality furniture designs, quickly earning a name on the international stage. The brand exhibited across the world, most notably in Paris in 1878 and Sydney in 1879. From there, McIntosh was seen as one of the pioneers of decor modernism, strengthening Britain’s image as leading furniture makers.

McIntosh quickly outperformed targets and expanded with a London office and other factories. Like many other manufacturers, the company’s equipment was utilised for the war effort during the early 1940s. But after World War II the brand quickly re-established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of mid-century furniture, similar in style to popular designs of the era from Denmark. In comparison to similar Danish teak and rosewood veneered pieces, McIntosh furniture was built to extraordinarily high standards.

Often imitated, McIntosh pieces now represent an enduring modernist style that suits contemporary homes of almost any interior theme. The flexibility of McIntosh pieces lie in the predominately straight lines of the furniture fused with small handles, interesting proportions and a sense of pleasing utilitarianism.

Teak and rosewood in A H McIntosh furniture

Many McIntosh pieces feature rich woods such as teak and rosewood. Take, for example, the popular 70s teak double extending dining table with matching chairs. Or, the stunning low rosewood sideboard with triangular legs – the perfect addition to any retro or minimalist dining room.

Quirkiness and modernism – that is what makes A H McIntosh furniture modern classics so capable of lifting any interior space into a new retro dynamic. Great for any room, McIntosh furniture is dependable and beautiful, a blend that punctuates its enduring global reputation.

At Vinterior we love the elusive nature of A H McIntosh’s most exclusive pieces and we have a unique selection of much sought after A H McIntosh pieces to suit an eclectic mix of beautiful homes. Check out our selection of A H McIntosh pieces and add some mid-century distinction to your home today.

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