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If you have a large space to fill, or you need seating that accommodates a larger group of people, a sprawling four-seater chesterfield is arguably one of the most stylish ways to do it. The chesterfield style sofa features the classic deep buttoned back which flows into bolstered arms, typically at the same height. The seat is low, so when you sit in a chesterfield you feel completely enveloped in a sophisticated embrace. Find four-seater chesterfield sofas and more at our online marketplace, your number one stop for antique chesterfields as well as more modern re-imagined versions from the 20th Century. Browse the collection today and get inspired for your next purchase.

Finding the perfect four-seater chesterfield sofa

For most of us, the sofa is a major part of our home setup. Not only is it the place where we sit to watch television, read a book or enjoy a nice glass of wine, but it is also the focal point and centrepiece around which we construct a living area. Used in a sitting room, along a hallway, in a bedroom, home study or even in a children's den or games room, a four seater is the ultimate piece of furniture that must be as stylish as it is comfortable.

There are several types of chesterfield sofa to choose from, depending on your budget, spatial requirements, the style of your room and your own personal taste. The classic Victorian chesterfield is typically upholstered in gorgeous leather, dyed (sometimes by hand) in beautifully rich tan, blood red or even teal. The mid century version is a little more refined and often has chrome casters, rather than the more traditional mahogany feet. As is typical of mid-century style, the emphasis is on both function and aesthetic style, so with, for example, a 1950s chesterfield, you’re getting a piece that is as great to sit in as it looks.

4-seater chesterfield sofas: why shop vintage?

Antique, vintage and retro style is increasingly sought after these days – whether it is people decorating their home for the first time or seasoned interior designers. Everyone can appreciate the charm of heritage furniture. Rather than filling your home with flat pack furniture and mass-produced items, opting to buy vintage and even antique gives you the opportunity to add a genuine sense of character to your space rather than simply fill it with the same furniture as everyone else.

Tired of trying to keep up with the latest fashions? Vintage furniture, like chesterfield sofas, are also a great way to stay trend-proof. Create a space that is at once timeless and filled with an historical mystique, and feel completely relaxed knowing that you are above the frivolous trends and fads of modern interior design.

The quality of vintage furniture is seen through its continued use in modern settings: it remains completely relevant for 21st century life, and its durability (shown in the fact that each piece has already served decades, if not centuries) means that it is a definite investment for the future.

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Forget cheap, characterless modern furniture; instead, fill your space with products that tell a story and that will give you years of use and enjoyment. As the leading online marketplace for heritage furniture in the UK, you can be sure that you have come to the right place. Browse our online marketplace and find inspiration today.

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