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A two seater sofa is a compact and stylish piece of furniture that is incredibly versatile. You may wish to add a pair of two-seaters to a living space to create a cosy seating setup, place along a corridor or hallway to make an attractive feature piece in a country home or even use in a master bedroom to provide additional seating. The chesterfield is a style of sofa that is compatible with both old-fashioned, traditional homes and super modern apartments. Discover our collection of chesterfield sofas of all sizes by browsing the online marketplace today. Find everything from a one-off Victorian masterpiece to re-imagined mid-century sets of chesterfields, and create that perfect balance of old and new in your interior space.

Antique and vintage chesterfield sofa: a closer look

So, what exactly is a chesterfield sofa? The style is typified by its deep buttoned detail, and rich upholstering, typically in durable materials like leather. The traditional design that you’ll see all across our marketplace has the seat arms and back at the same height, so when you sit in it you feel supported and enveloped – the perfect sofa for either a cosy living area or study space.

The classic chesterfield comes in a range of options, from individual armchair to three or even four-seater versions, so there are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from to suit the style of your home and the amount of space you have. However, the 2-seater chesterfield sofa is particularly popular in everything from living rooms to home studies to commercial office environments. The textured finish and dramatic, sweeping lines of the chesterfield make it an item that stands alone and makes a statement without the need for any additional accessorizing.

If you want an authentic antique chesterfield sofa, a Victorian original should fit the bill. Crafted with care and attention to detail, each and every chesterfield sofa from this period is made using old-fashioned furniture-making techniques that are no longer used with modern carpentry. Featuring luscious upholstery in leather and velvets, the frames of these beautiful sofas are generally made from high quality hardwoods like mahogany and oak, bringing a sense of mystique and gravitas to even the most sparse interior theme.

Chesterfields continued to be produced during the 20th century, with a number of beautiful mid century pieces lasting in pristine condition to this day. These sofas are fresher and less ornate than the Victorian versions, and feature the hallmarks of mid-century minimalism: crisp, flowing lines and simple, streamlined symmetry – the perfect accompaniment to a clean modern interior.

Of course, the chesterfield style of sofa is still being replicated today and there are many high quality new editions available on the market. Browse our collection and you will see examples from across the ages in a range of different colours. No matter what the period, however, the one thing that remains consistent is the quality we insist on in our listings.

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Part of the joyousness of vintage shopping is the adventure it offers. Discover elements from history that open up a story to undiscovered cultures and events. Take yourself on a journey by researching the story behind each piece of furniture for your space. This will bring instant charm, character and individuality to your home, and make you feel truly connected to your surroundings.

You never know quite what you are going to find when you browse through our vintage marketplace. Take a look today and see what you can find to breathe new (or old, depending on how you look at it) life into your interior space.