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Retro furniture is all the rage, offering a way to furnish your home in a unique style that’s individual and expressive. Sideboards are a classic piece of furniture that until recently, had fallen by the wayside, but the revival of vintage designs has meant they’re very much sought after once again. There are many great eras for furniture but for sheer fun and exuberance, it’s difficult to beat the retro 1970s. In the decade of disco, furniture came in all shapes and styles and 1970s sideboards are no exception. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a range of different 1970s sideboards, from small and subtle to real statement pieces. Come and browse online to get inspiration for how you could transform your home!

Introducing the 1970's sideboard

An attractive and practical piece of furniture, modern homeowners are beginning to fall in love with sideboards all over again. Just like your first love you can never truly forget, there’s something about the sleek lines and hidden depths that makes sideboards simply irresistible.

Sideboards have been around for many years, and it’s possible to find antique and period pieces too. These older styles tend to be heavy and highly decorative, with ornate carved decoration and made from dark wood. This looks beautiful in the right setting but isn’t a style that suits every room.

By contrast, retro 1970s sideboards were relatively simple. Gone were the ornate decoration and intricate detailing and in came clean lines, and greater variety of woods. In fact, you could find a sideboard in almost any type of wood you wanted, whether it was a darker design or a pale, Scandinavian-style timber.

1970s sideboards were distinctive because of the simplicity of their design. Some designs only had doors, while others offered a combination of doors and drawers. Manufacturers such as Stateroom offered sideboards which had a classic look for the period; quality teak with three drawers and three doors, a perfect symmetry. Even craftsmen such as Pierre Chapo created sideboards which were pared down, a look that nodded towards the popular Danish Modern style of the era.

Using the sideboard in your home

With so many different sizes and styles of 1970s sideboards available, there’s an almost endless number of ways to incorporate them into your home.

Traditionally held in the living room, sideboards offer practical storage for just about anything you need. Whether you keep your drink and glasses in there, or use it as a place for board games, puzzles and craft supplies, there’s no end to the possible ways a sideboard could be useful for the family.

A sideboard can also be a real statement piece for a dining room, offering convenience as well as a focal point. Use your sideboard to store your plates, cutlery, linen and table decoration and you’ll find it far quicker to get ready for a meal.

In the bathroom too, or possibly in the hallway - if there’s sufficient room! - sideboards can be indispensable. If you’re always running out of room to store your towels and fresh bedding, a sideboard provides attractive storage which is easily accessible.

Find your ideal 1970s sideboard with Vinterior

At Vinterior there’s some great 1970s sideboards available in a range of sizes, style and designs. Browse through our online marketplace today and discover for yourself what’s on offer.

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