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The 1970s was the decade of fun, where colours were bright and gaudy and it was all about glamour, with a dash of bo-ho thrown in, too. All around the home retro furniture was bold, adventurous and informal, with one eye firmly on the future. 1970s lamps followed the same theme, offering the opportunity to add a dash of panache with home decor accessories. Lamps were glitzy and bright – in more than one way – and helped to accentuate the rest of the decor, whichever style was chosen. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a wonderful selection of retro furniture and accessories, including 1970s lamps. Come and browse through our online marketplace today and find out what types of 1970s decor hits the spot.

1970s lamps: vibrant and colourful

The 1970s was the decade of disco and home decor reflected this beautifully, offering glamour and glitz in bucket loads from the foiled wallpaper to the crystal chandeliers. However, if your style doesn’t quite stretch to crystal lighting, there’s still a lot of other options to explore.

If you don’t object to a flamboyant centrepiece, it’s hard to beat the disco ball. Striking and bold, miniature disco ball lamps capture the spirit of the decade instantly. Aside from glitter and sparkle, there were two main schools of thought for colour in the 1970s, which provides different routes for your home decor. The first celebrated colour in every sense with combinations of purple, pink, green, orange and yellow. Bright and impossible to ignore, these bold contrasts create a very retro look. However, there was also a move towards meditative and Eastern influences with earthiness also creeping into the colour trends. This means that you’ll also find 1970s lamps with more muted, earthy tones of cream and brown too.

1970s lamp styles

The 1970s were an era of transition so you’ll find more traditional styles of lamps next to those reaching towards a more space age, contemporary look. For those looking to achieve a more funky and fun finish in a living room, kitchen, study or bedroom, plastic lighting is a great way to go vintage in a playful way. Lava lamps also came into fashion in 1970s homes as a piece that everyone wanted. Although they didn’t provide a huge amount of light, lava lamps were an iconic style statement of this era and should you want to go truly retro, consider them today as a form of soft lighting in a living room or even a kids bedroom.

For more efficient lighting, the arc lamp was the design of the decade, providing a strong beam of light while also offering immaculate aesthetics too. This moved towards space age design, using chrome from top to bottom for maximum effect. Arc lamps are simple and linear, so their geometric styling is versatile and well suited to a range of different interiors in your home. Whether you love to keep things contemporary or even like the industrial effect, a vintage arc lamp could work beautifully for you.White globe lamps are another popular choice, giving a bright, clean accent that worked well with a highly coloured decor. These globe lamps will complement a more monochrome colour scheme, leaving you to bring colour to a room through bright colours to curtains and cushions.

Create a 1970s vibe with Vinterior

At Vinterior we celebrate furniture and decor accessories of the past. And the 1970s is among our favourite eras. Whether it’s a large, free-standing floor lamp or a smaller table lamp, we’ve got lots of styles here on our online marketplace. Find out how you could transform the decor of your home today with some 1970s accessories.