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The 1950s was an incredible decade for the silver screen. Over in Hollywood, some of the finest movies ever made were being shot – the likes of Singing in the Rain and Some Like It Hot, to name but two. With stars like Debbie Reynolds and Marilyn Monroe becoming household names there was undoubtedly a renewed emphasis on personal appearance and pampering oneself. While the previous decade had been a time of austerity, due to the Second World War, the 50s allowed people to once again find time to enjoy life. And for taking care of oneself in the home there was no more important item of furniture than the vanity unit. Browse our collection of 1950s vanity units now and find the perfect piece for your home.

What is a 1950s vanity unit?

The 1950s vanity unit typically consists of a washbasin set into a flat unit top with cupboards beneath. This would also usually be accompanied by a mirror above, so individuals could inspect themselves, apply make-up or conduct their skincare routine. These vanity units were an essential piece in a 1950s bathroom.

The term vanity unit is often also interchangeable with the dressing table in the bedroom – a worksurface or table at which one could apply makeup and monitor appearance (minus the sink). Explore our listings and you will see an array of completely unique and stylish 1950s vanity units that deserve to have the spotlight on them.

Why choose 1950s vanity units?

Vanity units in the 50s were styled with just 3 simple things in mind; beauty, utility and modern living. Vintage vanity units are particularly convenient pieces of furniture, typically featuring multiple cabinets or compartments to place lavatory products, makeup or a host of other items. In a modern bathroom it can be hard to keep things clutter-free much of the time, so a vintage vanity unit represents an eye-catching and characterful way to make storage and functionality more fun.

1950s vanity units were made in a couple different styles depending on the designer or the inspiration. Formica tops were popular in vanity units because of the ease of cleaning this durable and non-porous surface. As Formica could be created in almost any colour, this means that the vintage options available today can be found in virtually any colour to match your bathroom décor.

Pastel colour schemes were huge in 1950s decor, with popular shades being pink, mint green, turquoise, pale yellow, and blue. Other 50s vanity units were made from laminated wood. These units stood on tall, slim wooden legs and were less imposing than the large cabinet options. While these freestanding pieces offer less storage space than their cabinet alternatives, they are often more suited to minimalist spaces or compact bathrooms where space is at a premium. A vanity unit on legs can provide ample space to perform your daily routine without feeling as though it has been squashed into your bathroom space.

Browse Vinterior to see our unique collection of vanity units today. No matter if you are opting for a traditional bathroom look, or something more contemporary, a 50s vanity unit can be found to suit your unique style.

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