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With its sleek, chic lines and undeniable comfort, 1950s living room furniture was inventive and exciting to consumers of the time. And it has retained a place in our hearts as a desirable look to this day. From classic Scandinavian wooden framed armchairs upholstered in jewel bright wools or pastel velvets to smooth ash coffee tables; from Formica plant stands to teak sideboards – the 1950s contributed many classic styles of living room furniture to the home.

Why choose 1950s living room furniture?

1950s living room furniture has a distinctive look that’s easily identifiable and often borrowed from by designers today. Laminated plywood furniture with clean lines – famously used by highly regarded designer Charles Eames – dominated sitting rooms. Laminate woods were also frequently used in Scandinavian 1950s living rooms. Solid teak furniture was also particularly popular amongst Scandinavian designers. These woods were accompanied by bold colours: bright upholstery, throws and cushions, which brought vibrancy and interest to the lounge.

Sofas and armchairs had round, curved edges and were typically made in luxurious, vivid colours, to add a sumptuous touch to living spaces. They were also often low to the ground with thin wooden legs that were angled to provide a cosy, relaxed feel to the room. This style of leg was also found on 1950s coffee tables, which were often topped with Formica or made a feature of beautiful exposed wood.

1950s coffee tables, sofas and armchairs can all be used as accent pieces in contemporary living spaces. A two-seater sofa makes a great addition to a sitting room without a lot of space, whilst a beautiful, stand-out armchair makes an exceptional talking point at the centre of the lounge.

The setup of the mid-century living room was changed with the introduction of a television, and cabinets and sideboards were introduced into the living room to provide display space for the TV, as well as additional room for decorations and storage for items such as books and glasses. In the 1950s, function and visual design worked hand in hand, and you can harness some of that innovative energy in your own home, by making 50s pieces work to your needs.

A sideboard, for example, can still make a great stand for a TV – and why not fill it with your DVD collection, or drill a hole in the back and use it to store your multimedia system or games console? Or use it as it was intended – to store your plates, glasses and spirits – you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

1950s bookcases are an extremely chic storage solution, too. They can make a great addition to a living room. Making books a feature of your room is a time-old touch which combines your unique literary collection with your living space and looks absolutely fantastic.

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