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1950s design was simple and functional but has become highly desirable for its instantly recognisable beauty. It was an era in which furniture became dynamic with bold shapes and materials, taking inspiration from space exploration and new technologies. Today, the Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s is widely coveted, as are pieces by designers such as Eames, Saarinen, Bertoia, Ercol and Knoll. Mass production became widespread after the Second World War and designers took advantage of it, making their work more accessible and their legacy longer lasting. An emphasis remained on excellent craftsmanship and high quality, meaning that many pieces of 1950s furniture have sat at the centre of homes for generations, and will remain there for many years to come. Browse our spectacular range of 1950s furniture and accessories on Vinterior for pieces that embody this iconic era of interior history.

Why shop for items of 1950s design on Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we’re proud to feature furniture pieces from over one thousand sellers, making us the leading online marketplace for heritage furniture. And one of the best represented eras for vintage furniture you will find within our listings is the 1950s.

If you are looking for the perfect slice of 1950s design for your home, you’re more than likely to find it here! Don’t forget – we sell new and upcycled items, too, which are perfect if you’d like classic style with a modern twist.

The enormous variation in styles that sits within this one decade of interior design means that there’s a piece of 1950s design that fits into any stylish home. So, whether you have a minimalist approach to decorating, a flair for kitsch accessories or a Nordic theme, the 1950s is the go-to era when you’re looking to add edge to your decor.

How to style 1950s design

The 1950s is constantly being mined for ideas by contemporary designers and it’s no wonder, given the excellent craftsmanship and chic styling of the era. So how should you style 1950s design? It’s easy to bring a bit of mid-century charm to a sitting room if you pick up an accent piece such as a teak armchair in this season’s must-have colour or a long, low coffee table with the era’s signature angled legs. In the kitchen, why not look to the classic American diner and go for pastel hues, checkerboard tiles and chrome furnishings? A 50s clock looks great mounted above the fridge, and you can add a pop of interest with a range of brightly coloured melamine plates and a Formica table-top.

If your hallway looks lacklustre and you’re in need of additional storage, remember that one of the best loved developments of the 1950s was the sideboard – a sleek addition to any space, it’s perfect for tidying away everything from kids shoes to DVDs; you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Furthermore, desks and daybeds are excellent additions to any room that needs to double up as a study and sleep space – when you find something with a classic 1950s look, it makes multi-purpose rooms appear effortlessly chic, no matter how hard they have to work.

Invite mid-century living into your bedroom by picking up a pair of atomic style bedside tables and gracing them with cute, kitsch 1950s lamps. And don’t forget the soft furnishings! The 50s was an era of pale, muted tones contrasted with exciting bursts of colour, so bring these into the room with a vintage pair of curtains or a well chosen blanket. Feeling inspired? Browse our extensive collection of 1950s design pieces today.