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Vintage Chaises lounge and Day Beds

Few items of furniture can simultaneously act as the perfect filler in a big room and a great space-saver in compact interiors. Chaise longues and day beds, however, do exactly that. Whether you’re looking for something to add interest to an empty corner or a hardworking piece that mostly acts as a sofa but doubles up as a guest bed in rooms that require a two-in-one, the uniquely versatile nature of chaises longues and day beds means they fit the bill perfectly.

Finding a chaise longue or chaise lounge, depending on whom you ask, can be tough on the modern high street, as contemporary furniture designers have largely overlooked them in favour of sofa beds and futons. This means that if your room isn’t complete without one, you might have to look at antique and vintage options instead – and that’s where the adventure really starts.

Finding the right chaise lounge and day bed

Firstly, explore the space where your vintage chaise longue or day bed is going to go.

Victorian Chaise Lounge

Perhaps you have a clear theme – your home might be laden with Victorian-era antiques or have taken on a pared back, Scandinavian vibe. This will determine what, exactly, you’re going to go for. If you’ve got a luxurious look – think velvet curtains, silk satin cushions and ornately carved furniture – then an antique chaise lounge is probably what you’re looking for. Dress it up with a beautifully embroidered throw and position it in the well of a large by window for a decadent look straight out of a period drama.

Chaise longues make great additional seating for guests and are a wonderful place to curl up with a book on rainy days. It’s possible to find fantastically preserved examples with their original fabric intact, but equally as exciting is finding a beautifully made frame in need of reupholstering. This way you can put your own stamp on a classic item of furniture, being as daring as you like with textures and prints.

If you have more modernist decor, a day bed is the direction to go in. It was a go-to amongst designers at the companies who defined the mid-century modern era like Ercol and G-Plan. In fact, in many ways, as a hardworking, utilitarian item of furniture that works with versatility at its core, it exemplifies the design ethic of the time. .

Unlabelled daybeds can be better value for money, although there’s understandable appeal in bringing a beautiful item of Ercol home with you, too. Look for teak construction — prized for its longevity and rich, tawny colour, it is now extremely rare and makes a wonderful addition to a minimalist, white interior. A vintage daybed that also works as a sofa is a fantastic addition to homes that are short on space. Adding an extra single bed to the guest rotation, it’s also a comfortable place to perch and makes a wonderfully sleek focal point when placed in sitting rooms, conservatories or spare bedrooms.

Where to look for vintage chaises longues and day beds

Whether you know what you’re looking for or not, the best place to start looking for vintage and antique chaises longues and day beds is Vinterior, an online marketplace with carefully vetted items from over a thousand sellers. Offering easy ways to compare and contrast different pieces and the option of contacting sellers before you buy, it’s a great platform to browse to get a impression of the sheer scope of what’s available on the market, and the best place to find excellent value antique and vintage furniture.