Vinterior x Farrow & Ball

Vinterior x Farrow & Ball

This month we’ve partnered with paint and paper expert Farrow & Ball to create a capsule collection of freshly painted, pre-owned furniture.

Celebrating Farrow & Ball’s newest colours, our sellers Pato Interiors, Chloe Kempster and Belton & Butler have created a collection to show the potential of pre-owned furniture and inspire you to give it a go yourself. From traditional farmhouse to art deco and more contemporary, each seller has matched carefully chosen furniture to a hue that brings the piece of furniture to life.

Read on for tips from our upcycling sellers, then shop the collection or discover pre-owned pieces for your own paint project at home.

Chloe Kempster told us,

When I think of Farrow and Ball I always think of colours with a sense of heritage and so I really wanted to find a piece to suit them. This antique tallboy is timeless and good quality, it has that feeling of authentic British heritage which was exactly what I was looking for.’

This piece features the Farrow & Ball Beverly colour in a striking harlequin-style print.

When chatting to Belton & Butler about their interest in pre-owned Sallie Belton told us,

‘Sustainability has risen swiftly up the agenda in recent years, and rightly so. It’s taken too long but I think we all now realise we have a role to play in protecting what’s left of our environment.  Repurposing and restoring vintage furniture, instead of sending it off to landfill, is a big step in the right direction and we are proud our business promotes this kind of sustainable living.’

One of the pieces the Belton & Butler duo worked on was this kidney-shaped walnut table with a strong Art Deco feel, using the Farrow & Ball colour to add a playful element to the piece whilst maintaining the integrity of the original item.

Why not experiment with upcycling some of your own furniture at home? You can add real character to your space through the use of colour. Love green? A Whirlybird hue may suit. After something more dramatic? Farrow & Ball’s rich Hopper Head grey could anchor your space. Unsure how to start?

Kat from Pato Interiors has a top tip for anyone wanting to give upcycling a go.

‘Patience and prep! Prepping the piece can be messy, time consuming and sometimes quite physically demanding but so worth it. Patience – when painting furniture you have to be patient, light coat after light coat is the best result – if you apply heavily you will have drip marks and uneven patches and will just have to go back and sand and repaint anyway!’

The wash basin was painted in the Selvedge blue – ‘I think it’s a particularly beautiful blue and will be incredibly popular – as it goes with pretty much everything’ Kat from Pato Interiors commented.
Kat chose Bamboozle for the toy box as she loved the vibrancy of the terracotta which contrasts with the Wine Dark interior.

The Vinterior x Farrow & Ball collection is available to purchase online for a limited time only. Or alternatively, want to have a go at upcycling yourself? Explore our curated showcase of pieces perfect for painting

Vinterior x Farrow & Ball

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