Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?

Find the perfect vintage mirror for your home

Mirrors are an effective home decor hack because, in one fell swoop, they achieve so much. Contributing to an increased sense of space, the light-catching reflective surface of mirrors helps to open up a compact, dark space. Whether through a large statement design or using smaller framed wall mirrors, they will fragment a static space by capturing motion and adding textural dynamic. This guide provides tips on styling mirrors throughout your home, no matter its size. Whatever your budget, lifestyle and tastes, the vast array of mirror design available means that it should prove easy to lay hands on the perfect mirror for your home. Enjoy this collection below, segmented by price to get you straight to the goods!

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How to Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

A mirror is a true hero of interior design and one of the most effective objects you can use for decorating. Depending on the way you implement it, a mirror can make or break any space. When properly applied, it can bring the energy of calm and refreshment into a room, make a small space appear larger, act as a powerful statement piece, amplify light and help deal with visual clutter. On the other hand, if a mirror isn’t placed strategically, it will most probably produce a visual mess and a poor overall ambiance.

Luckily, getting mirrors to work to your advantage doesn’t have to come with a headache. Read on to discover how to use them effectively within a room.