Vintage style: how to create a wonderfully eclectic dining room

This is a chance to have real fun choosing which style to go for. Are you drawn to weathered farmhouse tables or prefer something sculptural and postmodern? Elegant antiques or classic mid century brands such as Ercol and G Plan? The scope for creativity when bringing vintage references into the home can seem daunting. What can further paralyse the decision process is the enormous array of options. Simplified, the table you go for should tick these boxes.

Vintage dining tables designed for compact living

In the increasingly dense urban environments, our living spaces continue to shrink. Pressured to downsize, we find ourselves compromising on the functionalities and comfort of our homes. Nowadays, few of us enjoy the luxury of having a separate dining room, and what’s even worse is the fact that, in the newly built households, the dining space turns out to be one of the first to get sacrificed. But the good news is that no matter how limited your space may be, with some thought, it’s always possible to make room for a functional dining table and a couple of chairs.