Innovative ways to create extra storage at home… vintage style!

From roomier pieces like library cabinets down to a biscuit tin to squeeze in a corner, here are some innovative vintage solutions to help you generate some extra storage space at home.

Rattan Furniture is an Affordable Way to Add Bohemian Flair to Your Home

If you find yourself lusting over Bohemian interiors, but feel hesitant to bring the look back home, you are in the right place! Read on for our top rattan furniture and decor ideas promised to add a bohemian flair to any home, regardless of the budget. All of the pieces featured in this article are under 500 pounds, proving once again just how affordable boho decorating can be.

Spring Edit: Inspiration for Mixing Pink and Green

Now that we know what shades will be trending this season let’s take a moment to talk about a beautiful color combo that’s been shaking the interior design world for the past two years – pink and green. Sleek and luxurious, this lively pair is probably the very best of the springtime interior colour palette and it has been picking up speed since early 2017.

Five Beautiful Vintage Ercol Finds on Vinterior

We love Ercol furniture simply because of its timeless character. It looks stunning in a mid century environment but also complements a more contemporary setting. Below are some of our favourite vintage Ercol finds!

Remarkable Homes: Elnaz Namaki Takes Us Around a Chelsea Penthouse

Interior designer Elnaz Namaki gave us a tour around this stunning penthouse in Chelsea which left us with impressed with the sense of vast openness and light in the heart of London. Enjoy this sneak peak!

Get the Look: Bohemian Leafy Living Room

This beautiful converted factory loft space is a singing, eclectic combination of many design references. The room is tied together by a calm but equally energising colour scheme, ranging from pale greys to warm wooden hues, mustard yellow and of course a cacophony of green plants! It has been beautifully curated. So how can you create this look in your own way? Read on for some advice on putting together a leafy bohemian paradise of your very own.

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home

A constant pursuit for perfection and over the glorified allure of everything that’s new has shaped society in a way that’s making everything, including our homes, disposable. The terms the thing of the moment and this season’s most sought-after look (ready to be replaced in moment’s notice) are no longer associated only with fast fashion, but with furniture and decor, too. This is not just an eco-horror story, but it’s also making homeowners feel less about themselves and pressures them to jump the latest trend wagons, or they will have to put up with their hideously outdated interiors no one could possibly appreciate.

What nonsense! And luckily, we’ve finally arrived to the point where people are saying – no more!

Home Tour: Sandra Baker’s Maximalist Victorian Home with a Modern Twist

Sandra Baker – of the to-die-for interior inspiration Instagram account @the_idle_hands – shares this wonderful historical Yorkshire home with her husband and two daughters. Running with its Victorian origins, the interiors are a daring embrace of all things maximalist. From patterned floral wallpaper to stripy runners, tasselled lamps and green velvet sofas, Sandra’s home is a triumph of eclectic detail. On paper it sounds like a lot is going on, but Sandra’s skilled eye has woven these references together to create a wonderful harmony of print and pattern. We also love the use of a darker palette for the walls, which in turn make brighter colour references pop! Enjoy this conversation with Sandra around her home and the design choices behind it.

Hi Sandra, how long have you lived in your home?

We moved in in November 2012, so just over 6 years.

Can you describe it in 3 words?

Bold, patterned, whimsical.

What was the first thing you noticed about the space?

The scale of it. The rooms were all so much bigger than in our previous house (which is why we were moving).  It felt really grown up, and I still can’t believe it’s mine!

What was the biggest challenge you faced when decorating?

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the sort of house where you can apply a quick coat of paint and transform it.  Every room we’ve decorated has had to be stripped right back and new electrics and plumbing installed, then the walls made good and new flooring fitted.  This makes it costly, which in turn means that it’s taken a long time to get to where we are now. And there’s still a lot to do!

What is the best design advice you’ve received?

Don’t dive straight in and decorate as soon as you move in.  Live in the house for a while and see what works and what doesn’t.  You have a much better chance of getting it right.

What aspect of your home do you love the most?

The space.  We have room to come together as a family, but enough space to take a breather from one another!

Do you have a proud DIY moment?

I do! We had lived with the kitchen, as it was when we bought the house, for a couple of years, as we weren’t in a position to buy a new one.  One day I decided I couldn’t live with the yellow walls and cream units a moment longer, and spent 3 solid days painting it from floor to ceiling.  It may not be my dream kitchen, but it scrubbed up pretty well!

Favourite piece of furniture?

The wooden “monk’s bench” I inherited from my great auntie.  I remember it well in her hallway when I was little, and now it sits in mine, still lined with newspaper from 1974 (and provides great shoe storage!).

What is a dream piece you’d like to acquire?

I wouldn’t say no to a Houtique “Wink” lamp.

Was there a leading inspiration for your home?

If I ever feel in need of inspiration, I always find it in Jo Berryman’s work.  She’s wonderful.

How do you approach choosing furniture for a room?

Instinct! I’m not the greatest planner, I tend to fall in love with pieces, buy them and hope for the best. I can usually find a way to make it work (which isn’t to say I haven’t had to send back a few mistake items in my time!).

Biggest design error?

Being led by fear (it’s too bold, it’s too bright, what about when we come to sell?). I strongly believe that your heart should soar when you come through your own front door, whatever your style.

Biggest indulgence?

Easily the amount of House of Hackney “Artemis” wallpaper I used across three floors of hallway.  I will love it forever, though.

You have friends visiting for the weekend! Where do you take them?

Saltaire, for a wander round Salts Mill, a huge converted mill housing a great independent bookshop, an antiques store, art store, interiors store, galleries (loads of David Hockney) and fabulous eateries.  It’s my happy place. Saltaire village also has great independent shops to rummage in.

What do you love most about living in Yorkshire?

The proximity to beautiful countryside, whilst still being able to pop to decent shops! I didn’t grow up here, but I’m proud to call it home.

Whose home would you love to sneak peek into?

I’d love a sneaky peek into Pearl Lowe’s incredible home.  I’d probably try and claim squatter’s rights!

And finally, what’s the next home project?

The biggest one to date! Removing a huge chimney breast wall up two floors to make an open plan kitchen/dining space, and to reconfigure the main bathroom space upstairs. It will make a huge difference to the way we live.

To see more of Sandra’s fantastic home, follow her on Instagram @the_idle_hands.

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The Seven Most Beautiful Antique Fireplaces on Vinterior

Fireplaces have become a celebrated feature in many homes. There is much scope for experimenting with different ways to use – or decorate! – a fireplace. Whilst nothing is better in the throes of winter than curling up in front of a warming fire, they also provide a scope for creativity throughout the rest of the year. Fill the hearth with candles for a contemporary look (or if you’re not too confident at building fires just yet). Alternatively fill them with houseplants or a vase of flowers for something more summery. Some are lucky to already have beautiful antique fireplaces still in place in their homes. Others of us are on a reclamation mission to re-install all those wonderful historical features we ripped out in the 1970s in the name of modernity! Many fire surrounds can be fitted with ease around existing hearths but even a brand new fireplace can be installed if you’re keen to use it as a centrepiece. Enjoy some of the most beautiful antique fire surrounds on Vinterior below and get inspired!

  1. Large Restored Antique Victorian Cast Iron And Tiled Fireplace Grate

2. Edwardian Wooden Fire Surround

3. Antique Tiled Art Nouveau Combination Fireplace

4. Antique Victorian Rouge Royal Marble Fireplace Surround

5. Victorian Statutory Marble Surround

6. Antique Hand Carved Pine Surround

7. Antique Victorian Tiled Fireplace Insert

If you have a fire surround but feel like giving it a new look, Vinterior also has a selection of beautiful antique tiles! View them all here.

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Title image: House & Garden Magazine

Meet the vintage dealer: clock collector Russell from London Timepiece.

Meet Russell, a vintage dealer of clocks! Russell’s wonderful studio is a real cabinet of curiosities, filled from top to bottom with historical clocks. He invited two Vinterior team members to visit and they had a brilliant time exploring the collection and chatting to Russell about life as a clock collector!

How did you end up doing what you do?

I simply found myself doing this. It came from many years of selling antiques and collectibles as far back as the early 80s. I had a stand in Brick Lane when it was only antiques and collectibles. Later I had a stand at Greenwich Antique Market. From these beginnings, I started to specialise in clocks, lighting and mechanical oddities.

Do you have a favourite designer/artist and why?

Paul Nash. Nothing whatsoever to do with clocks but a brilliant lifetime’s work in several media. To my eyes, quintessentially English.

What would be your dream vintage/antique find?

A Paul Nash.

This is a lovely piece. Nash was quite an important English surrealist and this piece epitomises the surrealist ideals with a wonderful sense of the English countryside.

Best piece you’ve ever sourced?

A massive double-sided English factory clock from the 1950s. It is now in Australia. 

Any interesting tales behind the pieces you collect?

Despite the obvious lies I’ve been told by many dealers, clock provenances are very difficult to provide. That said, I’ve sold a lot of items that were made and hung behind the iron curtain and many English clocks from railway stations.

What part of being a vintage clock dealer do you most enjoy?

Meeting customers. With my increased internet trading, I regret that this is becoming a rare privilege.

Can you describe your own home style in three words?

Practical, industrial, universal.

You have friends visiting. Where do you take them?

Proper pubs with good beer and without music.

Do you have a favourite vintage piece which you take wherever you go/had to keep for yourself?

I have a huge 1940s copper-cased wall clock made by International Time Recorders Ltd hanging in my kitchen.

What is the best thing about living/working in London?

There are people from all over the globe.

If your home was ablaze, what would you run back to save?

A massive collection I have of historical photos of my family that hangs along my hallway. I’d grab as many as possible.

And finally, what are you looking forward to in 2019?

Watching my daughter flourish.

Enjoy browsing through all of Russell’s vintage clocks here.