Shabby chic vintage cabinets which lend weathered charm

Like a memory box protecting secrets of the collective past, shabby chic vintage cabinets are pieces with a soul and a sense of gravitas. Their precious poetic nature carries enough charm to elevate even the most mundane of rooms, so it is no wonder that they’ve become the hallmarks of the shabby chic interior style.

Let’s dive into the world of shabby chic vintage storage and decor and find out what makes them so precious.

You won’t be able to resist these French vintage finds unearthed by furniture expert Sophie Warren

Sophie Warren spends her days sourcing stunning French vintage and antique furniture for her company Vintage French. Her collection spans a wide variety of looks, from rustic farmhouse to mid century chic. We were excited to learn more about why Sophie first decided to travel down the road of dealing vintage furniture and to hear tales of sipping on gin and sodas with her grandparents who also had an eye for beautiful furniture design Read on and enjoy perusing these vintage gems, beautifully styled to fire up the cannons of inspiration!