Take your interior to the dark side: three inspiring reasons to use deep colour at home

Did you ever open a magazine to be greeted by a stunning interior characterised by the use of dark colours? It’s a bold design move, easy to admire and then to immediately dismiss as impossible in our own homes. Well, as the saying goes: high risk equals high gain. Here’s why.

This hated home design trend is having a renaissance

Some objects like a clawfoot bathtub or an antique fireplace are forever in style, but when it comes to everything else, it’s roulette. Interior trends come and go in cycles and what used to be outdated can soon become new again.
And that’s exactly what happened with dark wood furniture.
Here’s why dark wood furniture deserves a rethink

Style it dark: how to avoid feeling intimidated by darker wood and tips to make it look fabulous!

Darker woods, whether natural or stained, are not always the obvious choice. Some may feel that dark wood is too austere or formal. This isn’t always the case! Wood is a wonderful, natural material to introduce into the home and its beauty lies in the limitless variety of tone and texture. An interior only starts to look bland when this tonality of woods is unvaried and all looks the same. Learn how to anchor the space with touches of darker wood here and there.