Create your own characterful living room with these timeless antique finds

No other interior style lends itself to a marriage of eras and patterns as gracefully as global. Generously layered with antiques and worldly touches, this chic living room is ageless and very personal. See what we’ve found to recreate this timeless look.

Vintage lovers will adore these atmospheric bars and restaurants across the country

Contemporary style diners certainly have their place in the annals of brilliant design, but we just feel that it’s hard to find such characterful places as those which bear echos of the past. Below are some hidden – or not so hidden! – vintage gems for eating and drinking across the country.

Style it dark: how to avoid feeling intimidated by darker wood and tips to make it look fabulous!

Darker woods, whether natural or stained, are not always the obvious choice. Some may feel that dark wood is too austere or formal. This isn’t always the case! Wood is a wonderful, natural material to introduce into the home and its beauty lies in the limitless variety of tone and texture. An interior only starts to look bland when this tonality of woods is unvaried and all looks the same. Learn how to anchor the space with touches of darker wood here and there.

Fill your home with character: Around the world in antique furniture

Did you know the difference between vintage and antique? For something to qualify as ‘antique’, it must be at least one hundred years old. Antiques pay tribute to the richness of design history as it has changed throughout the centuries, across regions, countries and continents. Allow us to take you on a brief trip around the globe in search of wonderful antique finds…

The most beautiful vintage vases on Vinterior

It’s finally Spring! What is better than a beautiful vase filled with fresh blooms? Beloved vases often turn into heirlooms which pass through different family members and become treasured pieces in our own homes. We love this selection of stunning vintage and antique designs ready and waiting to have new life breathed into them!

A Week in the Life: Vintage Furniture Dealer Mary from MoseyHome

Mary Le Compte is a vintage dealer based in Finsbury Park. We were intrigued to know what a typical week looks like if you source and sell furniture professionally! Curious too? Let Mary guide you through her week! 

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home

A constant pursuit for perfection and over the glorified allure of everything that’s new has shaped society in a way that’s making everything, including our homes, disposable. The terms the thing of the moment and this season’s most sought-after look (ready to be replaced in moment’s notice) are no longer associated only with fast fashion, but with furniture and decor, too. This is not just an eco-horror story, but it’s also making homeowners feel less about themselves and pressures them to jump the latest trend wagons, or they will have to put up with their hideously outdated interiors no one could possibly appreciate.

What nonsense! And luckily, we’ve finally arrived to the point where people are saying – no more!

The Seven Most Beautiful Antique Fireplaces on Vinterior

Fireplaces have become a celebrated feature in many homes. There is much scope for experimenting with different ways to use – or decorate! – a fireplace. Whilst nothing is better in the throes of winter than curling up in front of a warming fire, they also provide a scope for creativity throughout the rest of the year. Fill the hearth with candles for a contemporary look (or if you’re not too confident at building fires just yet). Alternatively fill them with houseplants or a vase of flowers for something more summery. Some are lucky to already have beautiful antique fireplaces still in place in their homes. Others of us are on a reclamation mission to re-install all those wonderful historical features we ripped out in the 1970s in the name of modernity! Many fire surrounds can be fitted with ease around existing hearths but even a brand new fireplace can be installed if you’re keen to use it as a centrepiece. Enjoy some of the most beautiful antique fire surrounds on Vinterior below and get inspired!

  1. Large Restored Antique Victorian Cast Iron And Tiled Fireplace Grate

2. Edwardian Wooden Fire Surround

3. Antique Tiled Art Nouveau Combination Fireplace

4. Antique Victorian Rouge Royal Marble Fireplace Surround

5. Victorian Statutory Marble Surround

6. Antique Hand Carved Pine Surround

7. Antique Victorian Tiled Fireplace Insert

If you have a fire surround but feel like giving it a new look, Vinterior also has a selection of beautiful antique tiles! View them all here.

Feeling inspired? Click here to browse through the full collection of antique fire surrounds and accessories.

Title image: House & Garden Magazine