Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Vintage lights to take us into the roaring 2020

In 2020, we’ll see a rising social awareness on the necessity to escape excessive consumerism finally being translated into lighting trends. To create a modern home retreat that promotes a simple lifestyle and boosts mindfulness, home crafters are turning to vintage lighting and furniture, natural materials, organic lines and geometric shapes. Updating the lighting is a small, yet very effective design intervention that promises a significant boost in wellbeing and happiness inside a home. So far, 2020 is promising to dazzle and delight.

If you are looking for simple decorating ideas to brighten up your home this season, have fun exploring our round-up of the latest vintage lighting trends.

Go big or go home

There is a common link between all the lighting trends we are about to see in 2020. They are all big and bold. Oversized pendants and chandeliers make for a dramatic focal point and bring a sense of style and sophistication to any room. However, this is nothing new as the trend has been around for the past couple of years. What’s changing is its wow factor as the lighting fixtures now start to double as art and aspire to become responsible for the mood of the entire space.

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Large ‘Uchiwa’ Chandelier By Ingo Maurer For M Design 1970s

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Large Chandelier By Cristal Arte, Italy

Black is a new neutral

One of the most covetable lighting trends at the moment is definitely black. After years of disgrace, black is chic again and fighting its way back into the interior colour schemes as a new neutral. It’s chic, glamorous and edgy, and quickly earning the reputation of the most sought-after alternative to the traditional metallics. Look for black lampshades and geometric-shaped lighting and we promise you will spot them everywhere.

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp With Three Rotating Arms, Les Editions Serge Mouille

Antique chandeliers

Large Cage Wrought Iron Chandelier. French. Circa 1970

Geometry rules

Trendy geometric chandeliers are dominating the modern and contemporary home aesthetic. Bridging the gap between the modern farmhouse and the industrial-chic, those attractive (often black) lighting fixtures become a perfect candidate for a dining room lighting.

Antique lights to dazzle us in 2020

Simple Wrought Iron Chandelier (4 Pieces Available). French. Circa 1940

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Architectural Set Of 12 White Metal Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, France, 1970s

Antique lighting with a silver touch

Gold is still relevant but is expected to fade in prominence in the seasons ahead. Emerging to fill its place comes antique silver. This warm silver shade falls perfectly in line with the popular colour trends that are showing signs of warming up. Even grey is looking warm and cosy these days.

If you are happy to discover this upcoming trend, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of antique lighting fixtures with beautiful patina available here at Vinterior.

antique lighting

Divine Chandelier Ant. Silver Ø70 Cm

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Holophane Stiletto Prismatic Pendant Light

Refined industrial

To add a nod to the industrial revolution into your urban-dwelling, look for refined vintage industrial lighting. Yes, this look is still relevant in 2020. At least for a while. But if you genuinely love this style, don’t let its soon approaching decline stop you from enjoying the perks of the aesthetic that warms up your heart. Look for vintage lighting with galvanized metal, reclaimed wood, Edison bulbs and glass.

industrial vintage lighting

Bronze/Zinc Triple Multi Drop Cluster Pendant Light Set With Hand Spun Conical Lamp Shade

industrial vintage lighting

Polish Industrial Pendant Lamp From Mesko, Black Finish, 1960s

industrial vintage lighting

Industville Simple Vintage Rusty Cage Wire Pendant Light Cone

Antique table lamp with empire lampshade

With the growing desire for stability and seeking the familiar in the everchanging, troubled world, seeing classic and traditional references stepping back into the spotlight doesn’t come as a surprise. An antique table lamp with an empire lampshade is gaining momentum proving once again that you cannot put an expiration date on a good design.

vintage lighting with empire lampshade

Grey Weathered Metal Urn Lamp And Shade In Classical Traditional Style For Vintage Interiors

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

A Mid Century Empire Style Arrow Lamp Base

Vintage table lamp with cone lampshade

Speaking of lampshades, the modern twist to the empire lampshades – cone shades are also in vogue. Vintage table lamps with cone lampshades are the preferred alternatives for more contemporary interior settings.

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Mid Century Modern Italian Modern Brass Joint Clamp Lamp With Cone Shade

Cone vintage pendant

Alumag Belmag Three Cone Shape Pendant Lamps

Vintage lighting from natural materials 

As home crafters continue to seek new ways to reconnect with Nature, home furniture and decor become increasingly sustainable. We are turning away from man-made materials and opt for antique table lamps made of stone and marble instead. Ceramic finishes and natural crystals are also on-trend, and so is everything made of wood and rattan. As you’ve probably noticed, rattan has been around for a while now, but its presence is still rock solid.

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Axia Pendelleuchte Aus Holz Wooden Pendant Light

wooden vintage chandelier

Very Large 19th Century Black Forrest Stag Antler Hanging Chandelier

Ethereal lighting

To create an escape from the everyday hustle, we are exploring ways to create a calm home ambiance that supports downtime and allows us to unwind. Light as air lighting fixtures such as transparent or smokey shaded glass sphere pendants and chandeliers are leading the way into the desired ethereal mode.

Lighting trends to dazzle us in 2020

Diy Lamp By House Doctor Dk

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Vintage Industrial Large Triple Globe Hanging Hall Ceiling Light Chandelier

Textured vintage lighting

Chicly detailed woven lighting fixtures are offering a great opportunity to add texture to a minimalist environment. Wicker or metallic – they will work either way. 

Note that the wicker trend has hit a peak already so the prices are probably going to be a bit more affordable than you expect.

Vintage lights to dazzle us in 2020

Mid Century French Rattan Table Lamp (Circa 1960s)

Organic lines

The entire interior design industry is leaning towards organic shapes, and so is the lighting. Freeform lines and mushroom-shaped lamps are currently extremely popular.

mushroom vintage lighting

Mushroom Lamp Of Opal Glass For Glashütte Limburg Leuchten, 1970s


organic-shaped lighting

Gatto Table Lamp Achille Castiglioni Flos Mid Century Modern

Romantic and playful

Luxurious Art Deco-inspired interiors with a playful touch are brimming with romantic motifs and quirky details. Vintage lighting with golden leaves, capiz shells, bubble glass and feathers is taking on the role of a statement piece ready to command everyone’s attention.

bubble glass vintage lighting

Bubble Glass Pendant Light From Glashütte Limburg Mushroom Shape Flushmount Ceiling Lamp Brass Back Germany 1960s

Capiz vintage chandelier

Panton Verner Capiz Shell Chandelier Or Pendant, 1970s

Is vintage lighting safe?

Vintage lighting is like a jewel. Its power to make heads turn is immense! But before switching the lights on and let it brighten up your home, check it for safety. 

Vintage and antique lighting are generally much better-made than most newly produced fixtures, but pieces that are a couple of decades-old need to be looked into for any frayed cables and other weak spots. Remember, prior to purchasing vintage lighting, always ask the dealer whether the fixture has been rewired.

What is your favourite vintage lighting style?

Feature image: @mortilmernee

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