How to Get Scandinavian Modern Style

If functionality, simplicity and cosiness are what you are looking for in a home, you are probably already familiar with Scandinavian interior design. The biggest interior craze of the recent years, the Scandinavian style can be spotted everywhere, from residential to commercial spaces.
Let’s dig a little bit deeper and learn about the rich history of the Modern Scandinavian style and find out about its key features.

How to Get the Industrial Style

There is something undeniably sexy and bold about the unfinished look of industrial interiors. What makes this style so edgy is its raw masculinity and absolute honesty of its design. It takes a lot of courage to proudly display what lies underneath the surface, and industrial chic does not hold anything back.
Let’s make friends with the look and explore its key elements.

How to Get the Shabby Chic Style

Imagine a perfect summer afternoon at grandma’s place. The scent of fresh flowers is filling the air, and you are snuggled on the most comfortable slipcovered sofa there is. While you are resting your elbow on a bunch of whimsy floral cushions and eating biscuits, a warm breeze blows through the window and gently touches the delicate lace curtains.

Welcome to the Shabby Chic fairytale!

How to Get the Hollywood Regency Style

Luxury and drama never looked more provocative than in the homes of old Hollywood’s A-listers. One of the most far-reaching decorating styles of the 20th century, Hollywood Regency captures all the glitz and glamour of the silver screen and translates it into breathtaking interiors. Even though the Golden Era of Hollywood is long gone, the interior ode to its allure is very much alive.

How to Get the Retro Style

The popularity of retro interior design and ‘70s style furniture is skyrocketing, with Pinterest reporting this new found love for all things retro as the fastest-growing UK trend of last year. And the craze keeps getting stronger as we speak!
Colourful and bold, retro interiors are flooding our social media feeds, rejecting minimalism of the previous seasons and offering a bright and funky perspective instead.

But what is retro style and how to make the most of it in your home?