Why a full home is the best home: meet Cassie Nicholas, winner of BBC Interior Design Masters

vintage antique kitchen furniture

Winner of Interior Design Masters, Cassie Nicholas’ skilled eye for weaving characterful vintage references into her design scapes – whether period or modern – was at play throughout the competition. Eager to learn more about how she tackled the winning commission, the impressive Jin Bar in Shepherd’s Bush, we asked Cassie to unpack her vision and approach.

Your guide to antique rugs from expert dealer Mehdi Sharafi

An antique or vintage rug can be a big investment (although you may be surprised to learn that they can be more cost effective than opting for a new model!) and many lack confidence to care for such a statement piece. Mehdi unpacked some valuable advice around what to look for when buying a vintage rug and how to care for it.

Discovering vintage rugs from lands afar

vintage antique rug

Furniture may be the bread and butter of most interiors but a well-placed rug will have a surprisingly significant impact on the feel of a room. A colourful rug will lend a welcome dose of pattern and panache to a more neutral space. By contrast, calm down a busy decor scheme with a more simple model. A room full of similar tones, across furniture and the wider decor, can benefit from a rug which helps to break up the space. Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of the iconic monochromatic Beni Ourain rug, although none can deny the timelessness of the world celebrated and richly coloured Persian rug tradition. Fortunately, the Vinterior collection encompasses a vast array of vintage rugs, from traditional to textured, patterned to plain.

‘You will never feel alone with an antique Mora.’ Will you also go cuckoo for these Swedish clocks?

swedish antique mora clock

Akin to the traditional grandfather clock more commonly seen in the UK, the curving Swedish Mora model is a highly unique design with a huge tradition of local craftsmanship behind it. We were intrigued to learn more about this enchanting area of Swedish design history and sat down with Jo Lee who told us just about everything you could wish to know – from the people who first made the Mora to what we should look for when buying one today.

Interior design expert Martyn White takes us through his vintage wishlist

Martyn White is a design journalist, editor and designer based in London. A lover of opulence, he narrates on the very best in luxury design, interiors and art. Martyn has assembled a selection of his top vintage designs on Vinterior.

A guide to iconic vintage furniture brand G Plan and how to identify original pieces

Learn how to identify original G Plan furniture with this introduction to the celebrated British vintage brand.

Vintage chairs, tables, paintings… a new collection of designs we love.

An array of iconic and original vintage finds

Each week sees new (or old, rather) vintage arrivals land in the Vinterior collection. It is always great fun looking out for extraordinary pieces brimming with character across a variety of design eras, colours, shapes and form. This collection is bursting with some of the most eye catching pieces of vintage furniture and accessories. Get a taste of what you will find with these team picks below…

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  1. These swivel lounge chairs are not only incredibly comfortable, their vibrant olive green colour and iconic form introduce a dash of stylish wit into any space.

2. This print by celebrated American lithographer Adolf Dehn captures the bucolic scenes of a quiet Minnesota community. The illustrative quality lends it the air of a painting by Raoul Dufy, using similar bright and uplifting colours.

3. This sculptural bench would well complement a minimalist environment. Its angular linearity is softened by the warm honeyed tones of the wood. We love how the light plays across its surface, creating a gradient of tone.

4. Shaped like a seashell, this inviting designer chair is immensely pleasing to the eye. We are drawn to the unusual union of natural rattan with the bendy modern foot on which the chair stands. The whole design seems like something beautiful conjured up by nature!

5. World renowned American designer Florence Knoll is the name behind this striking marble table. The rich depth of the terracotta coloured marble lends warmth to this impressive natural material.

6. The singing colours in this vintage Turkish rug run from rich royal blue to gentle aqua and rose pink. A stunning array of effervescent colour to bring into your home.

7. For house plant lovers, this 1960s stand creates an unusual space to display your favourite – or most successful – plants! The contrast of sweeping curves and angular steps makes it a discreet but eye catching design.

8. These chunky and yet beautifully formed chairs seem like a stylish play on those belonging to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The abstracted design of the timeless chairs feels like they have been rendered into something much more artistic, even sculptural.

To enjoy the rest of this collection of remarkable vintage finds, click here.

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Why every home needs a vintage sideboard (and seven innovative ways to put them to good use!)

Sideboards are among Vinterior’s most sought after vintage designs. Other popular forms of storage – cabinets, dressers, chests of drawers – are quickly being eclipsed by this sleek cousin. Here we learn how to put your sideboard to good use in every home.

Ercol: Meet the pioneer of one of Britain’s most beloved furniture brands

We learn all about the fascinating designer behind beloved brand Ercol, who immigrated from Italy as a young man at the beginning of the 20th century and fell in love with furniture design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest of them all?

Find the perfect vintage mirror for your home

Mirrors are an effective home decor hack because, in one fell swoop, they achieve so much. Contributing to an increased sense of space, the light-catching reflective surface of mirrors helps to open up a compact, dark space. Whether through a large statement design or using smaller framed wall mirrors, they will fragment a static space by capturing motion and adding textural dynamic. This guide provides tips on styling mirrors throughout your home, no matter its size. Whatever your budget, lifestyle and tastes, the vast array of mirror design available means that it should prove easy to lay hands on the perfect mirror for your home. Enjoy this collection below, segmented by price to get you straight to the goods!

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