Shabby chic vintage cabinets which lend weathered charm

Like a memory box protecting secrets of the collective past, shabby chic vintage cabinets are pieces with a soul and a sense of gravitas. Their precious poetic nature carries enough charm to elevate even the most mundane of rooms, so it is no wonder that they’ve become the hallmarks of the shabby chic interior style.

Let’s dive into the world of shabby chic vintage storage and decor and find out what makes them so precious.

Vintage dining tables designed for compact living

In the increasingly dense urban environments, our living spaces continue to shrink. Pressured to downsize, we find ourselves compromising on the functionalities and comfort of our homes. Nowadays, few of us enjoy the luxury of having a separate dining room, and what’s even worse is the fact that, in the newly built households, the dining space turns out to be one of the first to get sacrificed. But the good news is that no matter how limited your space may be, with some thought, it’s always possible to make room for a functional dining table and a couple of chairs.

What makes home an important environment?

Home is a fundamental part of our lives, yet we rarely spend any time reflecting upon its role and significance. The quest to build a home is definitely one of the most sacred journeys we take in our lifetime. Setting up a space for yourself and your family is a magnificent project, but can also be incredibly daunting and complex.