Interior design expert Martyn White takes us through his vintage wishlist

Martyn White is a design journalist, editor and designer based in London. A lover of opulence, he narrates on the very best in luxury design, interiors and art. With a skilled eye at creating cohesive decor schemes referencing an abundance of colour, form and pattern, we were curious to see which vintage finds would make Martyn’s dream collection. On we go!

  1. This is definitely a top favourite, there is nothing quite as iconic as a mid-century armchair. They have stood the test of time and work with so many design styles. A true staple.

2. I love furniture pieces that are non-symmetrical, and this mid-century sideboard immediately caught my eye. Not only does it look fantastic, non-symmetrical pieces are easier to style into ‘difficult’ spaces.

3. Lighting should always be a feature and the Sputnik style chandelier has been attracting the eye in people’s homes for many decades. The perfect combination of quirky and 60’s glamour.

4. A fantastic way to add colour, texture and style to the home – you cannot go wrong with a good rug design. This one reminds me of Rothko, a favourite artist of mine.

5. This Turkish Moroccan Kilim cushion brings back so many memories of travel. It is the type of souvenir that you can bring back from an exciting trip and actually use in the home. Love the colours and patterns.

6. Art Deco is my ultimate favourite design style and classic pieces such as lighting, mirrors and accessories are an easy way to add an Art Deco flair to the home.

7. When time passes in the most glamorous way – How can you not love this stunning piece with such incredible detailing?

Mid century sunburst clocks
Update: model above sold.

8. There is something so graceful about a typewriter, like a piano, you just want to engage with the object and press its keys. Such a beautiful object that adds a touch of sophistication to a space. A great way of blogging when the power goes out!

9. I do love a good clock design and am drawn the presence of this 1960’s Metamec clock, especially because the power cable has been incorporated into the overall design.

10. Artwork is a necessity for the home and I immediately fell in love with ‘The Parting I’ by Elisabeth Hoffova (1967) with its mesmerising colours and fascinating scene.

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