Get the Look : a modern bohemian living room

Just as Elle Decor announced at the very beginning of 2019, this year the Boho vibe is back in the spotlight! However, this time it will appear within your home with a modern twist. 

Originally, the term boho (short for ‘Bohemian’) first appeared in the English language in the 19th century to characterize marginalized and impoverished people – often belonging to the artistic sphere – who led unconventional lifestyles. As a consequence, these « boho people » could be associated with vagabonds or wanderers. 

The typical bohemian of modern times is undoubtedly more integrated within society and has even settled down, granting him a place to call ‘home’. Yet his search for adventure is still very vivid and is greatly reflected in his interior design. Each of his travels is nothing less than an opportunity for him to collect and then incorporate into  his cocoon what he finds inspiring and makes him dream: works of art, family portraits, and even pieces of furniture! The latter is thus logically vintage, secondhand, or bought from local artisans. 

Still very eclectic and authentic, the modern bohemian interior style is more minimalist than its traditional version. The living space we are featuring today illustrates this perfectly.  

If white is predominant, the room is still inviting thanks to the use of warm colours. This large rug is definitely a key piece : its pattern and pink hues echoing  the Moroccan cushions and poufs which tie the room together. The use of natural materials like the wooden coffee table or the rattan hanging chair reinforces the impression of resting in a cosy nest. The brass Art Deco chandelier, as well as the contemporary framed prints, add a touch of elegance to this living space!

  1. Pink Muuto Rest Sofa 2 seater 
  2. White Freja Cashmere throw 
  3. Jean Royère Style Travertine Coffee table 
  4. A set of 2 Sputnik chandelier with Opaline glass globes, 1970s
  5. Pink Boujaad floor pillow
  6. Handwoven Moroccan Azilal Wool Rug 
  7. Dutch Rattan Hanging chair, 1960s
  8. Modern Plant Pot with a stand 
  9. Framed ithograph print titled ‘Comets’ by Wassily Kandinsky
  10. Mid-Century rattan basket umbrella holder by Franca Helg 
  11. Vintage Rosewood Magazine Rack by Kai Kristiansen for Sika Møbler, 1960s

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