Ask someone which words they associate with ‘chandelier‘ and they’ll probably come up with something along the lines of… elaborate, ornate, candelabras and hanging crystals. Maybe even a bit dusty! Chandeliers are often thought of as belonging solely within the confines of an imperial palace. We certainly can’t deny that previous eras have churned out some very impressive models of chandelier lighting. However this time, we’d like to shine the spotlight – pun semi-intended – on some equally extraordinary 20th century designs. If you hope to find a statement chandelier but find that channeling Beauty and the Beast isn’t quite the home aesthetic you’re after, there’s no need to fret. Designers from the last century have generated some remarkable ideas around chandelier lighting. Gleaming spokes of a starburst Sputnik model hang in stark contrast to the beautiful scooped petals of Murano glass chandeliers, whilst Italian diablo shades are a fantastic interpretation of the traditional light pendant. The variety is endless which means that there really is something for every home… have a browse through our favourites below and hop onto the collection to enjoy the full collection of chandeliers!

This home is a brilliant example of 20th century lighting. Photo:

Whether extravagant or discreet, brightly coloured or muted… there’s a chandelier for every taste! Enjoy browsing the vintage collection here.

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