Innovative ways to create extra storage at home… vintage style!

Innovative ways to create extra storage at home… vintage style!

There can never be enough storage at home – can we get an amen? You can ‘Marie Kondo’ your space (we all have those corners which involuntarily become a destination for homeless bits and pieces) until the cows come home but, whilst getting rid of surplus clutter definitely sparks joy, it’s never going to be entirely possible to live without various small useful things which just need storing away somewhere. It can be tough to know how to create effective and long-lasting storage solutions. That beautiful mid century sideboard can only hold so much and the need to hide your growing collection of almost-finished-but-still-a-bit-left scented candles from your SO is pressing. So, do you run to Ikea and pick up some plastic storage trays? Or, can you create small areas of storage which are both practical and add style to your home? Hear us out. From roomier pieces like library cabinets down to a biscuit tin to squeeze in a corner, here are some innovative vintage solutions to help you generate some extra storage space at home.

First up on our list of alternative solutions for tight areas of storage is… vintage suitcases! These are absolutely brilliant for storing away excess belongings that you need every now and again. They will slot in perfectly next to the sofa or another large piece of furniture. Alternatively, buy three of them and stack the cases atop each other for a vintage statement. Many vintage suitcases come with a name tag, meaning you can label whatever is stored within. A weathered suitcase has so much more character than a plastic storage box and will often hold a lot too!

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Library cabinets are the more compact version of a larger haberdashery… in other words, storage units with lots of tiny drawers! Each drawer has a label plate, so you can easily colour code or label whatever is inside of each drawer. This is a perfect piece for those tiny things which can be hard to track down if they otherwise live all over the house. Pritt sticks, hair scrunchies, spare keys… all of the above can be assigned a new living space in such a unit as this.

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Another way to create additional storage and add vintage charm to your home is through the trusty trunk. Most trunks are seriously deep which means that they have a brilliant capacity for holding stuff. They look beautiful standing at the end of your bed as a blanket box or even in the living room as a coffee table. That’s a great room saving solution! Like all vintage furniture, trunks come in all shapes and styles… from gothic carved Victorian coffers to rustic farmhouse chests. Your home will thank you for the characterful addition!

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Have you ever thought of creating some pockets of storage with a vintage sewing box? Made out of different compartments, they are handy devices for homing small items. Sewing boxes are designed to be compact and yet fit in lots of things so they make for ideal storage units… old postcards you can’t bear to throw out, pebbles from the beach. In they all go! In a way, you’re creating a treasure trove to enjoy going through from time to time.

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Baskets galore! Baskets are incredibly tough so with storage, they’ll just keep giving. Whether a tightly woven rattan basket or a traditional willow model, they’ll provide extra space for home items and look lovely perched on the floor or tucked into a bookcase. Book lovers might finds baskets particularly useful if you’ve run out of bookcase space!

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For really tight corners, how about a vintage biscuit tin or two? They bear a kind of rustic, nostalgic charm and are definitely nicer to look at on the shelf than a plastic box. Again, biscuit tins tend to be quite deep (so alternatively, just fill them to the brim with chocolate hob nobs) and they make for a great place to keep pens, pencils, post it notes and other stationery that can build up. Mix and match a few different designs for a pretty storage display.

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This is a very boho rattan version of the original 1950s wooden telephone seat. We adore this design, it’s a nifty way to add both an extra seat and some additional storage space. They’re often smaller pieces of furniture designed to fit in compact hallway spaces and so are great for fitting in a free corner. You can use the shelving for storage and then style your favourite accessories on the top surface.

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Last but not least is the humble magazine rack. Available in a surprisingly large variety of shapes and styles, a magazine rack is perfect for whisking away those magazines and newspapers whilst adding a note of vintage chic to the room. Go for a wire model for a more industrial feel or a bamboo rack for boho lovers. Alternatively, fold throws and blankets into them and keep to the end of a sofa for the next time you get chilly during movie night.

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