We’d love to see this timeless accessory make a comeback to the 21st century home.

We’d love to see this timeless accessory make a comeback to the 21st century home.

Tick tock, tick tock… In the digital 21st century we so rarely need a clock anymore. Instead, we’ve replaced them with screens! Screens are practical enough when it comes to keeping track of time, but they certainly lack the charm of the traditional clock. It’s easy to forget the fabulous intricacy behind clockwork mechanics, these pieces are a feat of brilliant design and craftsmanship.

From the antique Grandfather clock, which really is a rarity these days, to industrial models and the colourful geometric shapes of much 20th century clock design, there are so many to choose from! Available in all sizes, clocks are among the most wonderful accessories for bringing character and a touch of vintage chic into your home. Whether on the wall or adorning a sideboard or beside table, enjoy the timeless beauty – we’re aware of the pun – of a vintage clock. And note that they will continue to work just as well now as in the past… as we keep saying, they simply don’t make them like this anymore.

Below are some of our favourites from the Vinterior collection, spanning all eras and design genres. There’s a clock for every home and every budget… finding your perfect model won’t be a time consuming process, we promise!

  1. This 1950s clock is an English creation and sits in a rather quirky hexagonal frame… we like the mid century modernisation of the more traditional face! It has all the hallmarks of the Art Deco style and can be used on both a flat surface or hung on the wall.

2. This is an East German RFT commercial clock, made in the Leipzig in the 1970s. The colours of this model are particularly appealing… the dove grey next to the pop of periwinkle blue look fantastic together. The distinctive stylised face is a also nod to this clock’s industrial background.

3. Another 1950s clock! This Bakelite model is a table clock with a very stylish mid century base and elegant face with gold detail. This design is both sophisticated and discreet, perfect for a more traditional home or to grace a teak sideboard.

4. This beautiful old Grandfather clock heralds all the way from the 18th century! It winds up perfectly and even has a traditional chime. If you look closely, you’ll notice that sea shells are painted onto the frame around its face and that the inscription reads ‘Juler, North Walsham’. A absolute beauty and a real steal besides for such an exquisite antique model!

5. This 1920s Art Deco mantle clock is from the Amsterdam School period. Amsterdam School design is internationally renowned and is regarded as the Dutch response to the lively anti-rationalist design movement in Europe between the two World Wars – namely expressive items made from unusual wood types.

6. If you’d like to bring a touch of metallic warmth into your home, this handsome gold plated clock might be the perfect accessory! Complete with a carriage handle to the top and traditional beveled glass, it’s a charming vintage find made by the traditional Woodford brand (est. 1860).

7. Lovers of blush pink will fawn over this beautiful Art Deco table clock. Its sleek simplicity allows it to work perfectly within any setting, it is as fitting to a contemporary home as it is an historical one. This lovely model even has a Westminster chime that works!

Don’t clock off just yet… you can look through all of our vintage and antique clock designs just here!

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