These remarkable vintage storage units will add spades of character to your kitchen

What does the kitchen of your dreams look like? Perhaps it’s decked out in a glorious colourful hue or is a calming neutral space with lots of white. It goes without saying that we can’t resist a gorgeous historical kitchen, which of course isn’t complete without a rustic antique larder or a set of weathered deep pantry drawers.

The charm of the vintage kitchen aesthetic is that everything doesn’t need to match. It is even something to be avoided! The most characterful kitchens will often comprise of different tones and textures or even varying design styles. Accessorising is often enjoyed as the most fun part of bringing your dream kitchen to life but we think it starts with the furniture you put in there.

Some of these vintage storage units look a little rustic on the outside but they are all built from heavy solid wood and have already been going for decades! These old school cupboards will happily occupy your saucepan collection with the same gusto as back in 1890. Stoic and strong, it doesn’t matter if these surfaces get dented or retain evidence of your culinary attempts. The more weathered the better! Plastic can look a bit naff after a few years of use and stone surfaces may stain, but wood is the cook’s friend and will only improve with age.

Below are just a few of our favourite vintage kitchen units (along with some vintage kitchen inspiration) but there is a huge collection on Vinterior, so find the link at the bottom to have a browse! Dream kitchens should last and serve you consistently over the years to come, so why not opt for pieces with both character and serious durability? Of course, don’t forget to have a thorough measure to make sure of all the dimensions fit, but we can guarantee that this gorgeous and characterful alternative kitchen storage will be so worth any extra effort and bring your and loved ones pleasure for years to come!

Image: trendehouse.com
Image: trendehouse.com
Image: trendehouse.com

Find a stunning vintage or antique addition to your kitchen right here.

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